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Business Car Leasing and Contract Hire

Compass Vehicle Services offer business car leasing and business van leasing to companies who have no credit history (new businesses) or have a low credit score. We help businesses who would otherwise be declined by mainstream leasing companies.

Business leasing is also known as contract hire and is suitable for sole traders, partnership companies, plc’s and limited companies.

CVS are a lender not a credit broker  – so you never have to deal with a third party and we can be more flexible on the business car lease deals we offer.

Business vehicle leasing enables you to have the latest commercial vehicles without having to purchase them outright.

Talk to us about your business lease car options and our special offers if you are a new business with no credit rating, or an established business with bad credit.

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We do not hold a stock of vehicles, preferring for our customers to choose the vehicle they want and need.  We will purchase your required car or van and lease it back to you.  The following are to give an idea of price only.

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How car leasing works

Nationwide Delivery

Nationwide Car Leasing

How Business Car Leasing Works

Choose the Vehicle You Want

Lease a van for business or choose a business car lease deal. At CVS Ltd we don’t restrict our business customers on their lease car or van choice. You can choose any vehicle that suits your budget and business requirements.  We will source your chosen vehicle and lease it back to you. Get in touch to discuss our business car lease deals.

Make Fixed Monthly Payments

Simply make your first (initial) payment, followed by fixed monthly rental payments for the length of the lease.  Tailor your business lease to suit your needs, such as varying the length of the lease and increasing the annual mileage.

Return the Vehicle

At the end of the business lease deal just return the vehicle in good order and there will be nothing more to pay. You have the option to extend the lease if you need it, or upgrade to a new vehicle.

How it Works

How we can help you lease a business vehicle with bad credit

Any Make or Model of Vehicle

CVS Ltd offer bad credit car and van leasing. Even if you have been refused finance from mainstream lenders we can still help.  We also help new businesses who haven’t yet had the opportunity to build up a credit rating.

We can lease you a fleet of vehicles or an individual car or van business lease.

You can choose any make or model that suits your needs; we will buy the vehicle(s) and lease them back to you.

We tailor leasing contract terms to suit your business purposes and requirements; have high mileage, low initial payments, no deposit, and adjust the length of the lease.

Our friendly team are experienced in all aspects of business car leasing. We will be happy to help you find the perfect commercial vehicle for your business and guide you through the process of bad credit business car leasing.

Get in touch to discuss business car leasing deals

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bad credit is not a barrier to personal contract hire (PCH), car leasing.

How does business car leasing work?

Bad credit business car leasing (business contract hire) is when a business hires a car, a van or a fleet of vehicles from a finance company. The lease agreement is for an agreed period of time, for a contracted fixed monthly rate.

A business car lease works the same way as a personal leasing; but with added tax benefits.

Compass Vehicle Services owns the vehicle throughout the contract and you simply return the vehicle at the end of the contract.

How Leasing Works

Benefits of Business Car Leasing

Choose the Vehicle or Vehicles You Want

You can choose any make and model of vehicle for your business needs.

Fixed monthly payments

Improve your business cash flow, and ease budgeting burdens, knowing you have fixed monthly leasing costs.

Tax Benefits

If your business is VAT-registered you can reclaim up to 100% of the VAT on the monthly lease payments.

No third parties

Compass Vehicle Services underwrite your lease as well as supply the vehicle, so you never have to deal with anyone else.

Tailored Lease Agreements

Our lease agreements are flexible to suit your needs; amend your initial rental, length of lease and mileage.

No Depreciation Risk

All of the financial risks are met by Compass Vehicle Services as the vehicle leasing company, saving you worry.

Improved Cash Flow

Vehicles that are leased under business contract hire, do not appear on your Balance Sheet as a capital asset. This improves your company’s borrowing ratio.

Minimal Administration

Administration of the fleet is kept to a minimum as the CVS are responsible for sourcing, buying, and disposing of the contracted vehicles.

No Branding Limitations

There are no limitations on you branding your vehicle for your business.

Upgrade regularly

You can upgrade your vehicle(s) regularly to maintain your brand image.

Nationwide delivery

We can arrange delivery of your vehicle or vehicles anywhere in the UK.

Road Tax Included

CVS remain the registered keeper of all lease vehicles, and take care of the road tax throughout the lease so you don’t have to.

Got Bad Credit? No Problem We Can Help!

Can you afford it?

We ask for bank statements to show you can afford the repayments. We do not make a decision based on credit score.

Are You Traceable?

We will ask you to show us evidence of your current address, and if required previous addresses.

Contact Us Today

You don’t need to worry that having bad credit means you cannot lease a car. Talk to us today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find the answer you need please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

Business Leasing

Is car lease tax deductible for a business?

If your business is VAT-registered you can reclaim 50% of the VAT on the monthly lease payments, or 100% if the car is used purely for work. In addition you can claim back VAT on maintenance costs. Please note maintenance is not included and you are responsible for arranging this.

How does business leasing work?

Business leasing, or business contract hire (BCH) allows you to rent a car or van, or a full fleet, for an agreed time – usually 3 years. Once you have paid the initial payment you will make fixed monthly payments for the lease term. At the end of the lease simply return the vehicle(s). Whether you are a sole trader, PLC or a new business we can help.

What is business contract hire (BCH)?

Business contract hire (BCH) is another name for business car leasing. You pay an initial lease payment and then make fixed monthly payments for the length of the lease. The vehicle remains the property of Compass Vehicle Services throughout your lease, and you simply return it at the end of the lease.

Can I lease a vehicle through my business?

If your company is a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), PLC, Partnership, Limited Company, or you are self-employed you can lease a car or van through your business.

Can I lease a business vehicle if the company has a CVA?

We look at the current financial situation of your business and whether you can afford the payments. We do not use your credit score to make a decision, so having a Company Voluntary Agreement (CVA) is not an obstacle to leasing with CVS.

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