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Guide to Branding Your Business Vehicle

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Published 22 August 2019


Attract more customers by branding your business vehicles

Putting branding on any vehicles used for your business is a relatively cheap form of advertising that reaches a large audience.

In this article we’ll cover the benefits of branding business vehicles and the various vehicle graphics options. 


The Key Benefits Of Vehicle Graphics

Whether your business vehicles are driving on the road or parked up your branding and brand message is being seen. 

Low Cost Advertising Advertising

Most advertising involves recurring costs in paying for the advert but also time and money in managing that advert whether it’s online or in your local paper. Vehicle advertising will be a fraction of other advertising media costs and once applied requires no time, effort or additional costs to maintain it.

Gain Brand Awareness

By simply driving around in a branded vehicle potential customers are becoming familiar with your business.  Passing motorists and pedestrians will not notice a plain white van – they will notice a professionally branded one.

Customers like to deal with companies they know. Someone sat behind you in a traffic jam may not need your service or product today, but when they do you’ll be at the top of their list.

Build Trust and Authority

Building trust is important for any business and displaying your company information on your vehicle is one way to do that.  It demonstrates that you are a professional business and makes potential customers feel they can trust in you. 


Vehicle graphics last a long time, but you have the option to remove and replace them or add to them with seasonal promotions for instance.


Vehicle Graphic Options

Vinyl Decals and Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl stickers and decals are self adhesive and can be applied and removed easily. Stickers are waterproof and can be applied inside or outside the vehicle as well as to windows.  They are quick and cheap alternative to vehicle wraps. Ordering and delivery is on a fast turnaround so they are great for promotional events. 

Reflective Graphics

Reflective Vinyl Graphics are great for businesses that workout throughout the evenings and night. They are specially designed to provide high visibility when artificial light passes over them such as from vehicle headlights or street lights  Reflective graphics extend your brand exposure from just daylight hours to 24 hours..

Magnetic Signage

Magnetic signs are custom designed and printed sheets of flexible printable magnetic material.  A great choice if a vehicle is used for business and personal use.  It allows for temporary advertising during business hours, and just peel them off when you are done,  They are easy to transfer from one vehicle to another too. Magnetic signs are durable and easy to clean.  

Partial and Full Wraps

Car and van wraps are like extra large custom stickers that literally wraps the vehicle. Vinyl sheets are digitally printed with custom graphics and heat moulded to conform to the exact contours of the vehicle. When done correctly it should have the look and feel of a new coat of paint. 

Vehicle wraps do not need to cover the entire vehicle.  It can be economical and highly effective to only wrap parts of the vehicle (a partial vs full wrap).  

Vinyl wrapping has the added benefit of protecting your vehicle from stone chips and everyday wear and tear. Once wrapping is removed the vehicle will be like new – perfect for lease vehicles.


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