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We have put together the most frequently asked questions from our customers, if you cannot find the answer to your question here simply get in touch, we are always happy to help.

Will I require an initial rental or deposit to even get accepted?

Once you have been accepted you will be required to pay your initial (first) payment, this would have been agreed during the acceptance process.  There are no deposits paid at CVS Ltd we only require your initial payment.

Can someone act as a guarantor for me?

Yes, if you are unable to show affordability you can have a family member or partner go on your leasing agreement contract with you in order to support your application. You can also lease a car for someone else.

Are non status lease agreements the same as those without credit problems or is there a premium?

In most cases we can work towards budgets, so if you have £250 to spend we can show the types of vehicles that fall into that budget.  However you will find our prices will be slightly higher than the mainstream companies as there is an element of risk involved.

I am a UK citizen who has been abroad for a few years, I am returning to the UK and need to lease a car. As there would be no trace would I still qualify?

Yes it is possible with the right information see our application process.

Can you guarantee an acceptance?

We are unable to guarantee every application but in truth no company can, however we have approximately a 85% acceptance rate upon all the required documentation.

Can I lease a vehicle, I am the wage earner but my wife does the driving?

Yes, you would need to apply as a joint application.

I am a UK resident but not on the electoral roll, I keep getting turned down?

If you are able to show us more supporting documentation that we request, then it is still possible.  Please note that it is a legal requirement to be registered on the electoral roll, and would be very useful for you in the future for traceability.

I need my vehicle quickly, how long will it be before I get my car/van?

Once we have received all your required documentation we should have an answer for you within 2 working days, the rest is dependant on you paying the initial payment and us sourcing and purchasing your car.  Your car will take 10 working days from the day your initial payment is made to be delivered. However we will do our very best to get the vehicle to you sooner.  Take a look at our bad credit car leasing after acceptance.

I already have a vehicle on lease in my name, can I lease another one?

Yes, there are many households who do have multiple leased cars in one persons name.

I have been discharged from my bankruptcy for 12 months now, I have been turned down, can you help?

Yes we can help, even after 12 months this will still leave a mark on your credit score.  With CVS Ltd we are still able to help see bankruptcy car leasing.

I have just returned back to work after maternity leave without pay, I only have one payslip and have a CCJ, can I still get a car lease?

Yes we can still accept you.  We do require you to submit extra evidence to show that you are able to afford the leasing payments. Car leasing with a CCJ

I am in the Armed Forces and have moved addresses a lot recently and I do not think I am on the electoral register, can you still help?

We are aware that there are certain circumstances which will mean that you are not on the electoral register, we are still able to help for more details see our bad credit car leasing application process.

I am currently in an IVA can you help me?

We welcome customers with CCJ’s, bankruptcy and IVA car leasing.

Will you be paying my insurance?

No you will need to organise your own insurance, however we will be paying your car tax.

I had a messy divorce which has left me with a bad credit score can you help?

We have many customers who have been through a divorce and have a bad credit score as a result.

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Can I claim VAT Back?

If you are leasing through a business then you are able to claim back the VAT.

How long will the lease be for?

The lease time is depending on you, but the majority of our lease agreements are for 3 years, if you are new to leasing or prefer a shorter lease get in touch with us.  CVS Ltd are able to tailor a leasing agreement to suit your individual circumstances whether it is for personal leasing or business leasing.

Will the car be in my name?

The car will not be in your name as you do not own it, you are leasing it.  We buy the car of your choice and lease to you.

What about warranties?

In many cases the cars we lease are nearly new, so you should get at least 2 years (depending on the age of the car when you lease it) manufacturers warranty, its worth pointing out that unlike most manufacturers Hyundai give 5 years manufacturers warranty, which means your whole lease agreement would be covered.

What car can I have?

This depends on your budget, at CVS we purchase the vehicle for you, so you will specify the the exact car you want.

Do I have to pay Road Tax?

No, with vehicle leasing you do not have to pay road tax.

How does business leasing work?

We can tailor made solutions to the business community. Whether you are a sole trader, PLC or a new business we have the vehicle for you.  We can also provide bulk purchases of vehicles for fleet purposes and help you to design your in-house employer benefit scheme. Whatever your requirement our advisers can help you to design the best solution for you and your business. Detailed information on Business leasing and new business leasing can be found on our website, but please do get in touch with you wish to discuss your business leasing options.

How does a personal lease work?

We only provide new and nearly new vehicles and specialise in designing a vehicle solution specifically for you, we can source any vehicle across the whole of the UK car market place. Because of our volume acquisition we also negotiate fantastic special offers to be delivered direct to your door. Whether you want to acquire your first car, or drive something suitable for the family we can help. You may wish to consider total economical packages, executive comfort and style motoring, sports engineering and performance, convertibles or just plain outrageous head-turning luxury. Whatever your preference we can advise you on availability, savings etc. Bad credit personal car leasing is easy with CVS Ltd.

Will my payment history with CVS Ltd reflect on my credit score?

No, being a small specialist independent funder your payment with us will not be reflected in your credit score, however we are happy to furnish you with a financial reference at anytime during your leasing agreement with us.

Is there a charge for delivering my vehicle?

We are located near to Edenbridge train station and we are very happy to collect you and bring you to the office to collect your car.  If you are unable to do this a charge may occur for delivery, please ask when negotiating your leasing agreement.

Are there any extra costs I need to know about?

We do charge an extra £100 + VAT as a one off payment at the beginning of your leasing period this will cover all the administration related with your lease during its duration.

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