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How to Make a Joint Car Lease Application

Leasing a Car with Someone Else

There are many circumstances where you may wish to lease a car for someone else to drive, its more common that you may think.

The important things to remember when doing this are:

  • You will need to make a joint application and thus have a joint contract on the leased car.
  • You are responsible for the car and its upkeep
  • You are responsible to make sure that any drivers:
    • Have a full UK drivers Licence
    • Have insurance covering themselves to drive the car

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Joint Application Scenarios

Young Driver

Young Drivers

Your teenager has finally passed their test – phew! and good bye to being a taxi service.  However because of their age they do not have a credit history, or perhaps they have had unpaid credit cards or telephone bills, they have a bad credit score, leasing a car may not be as straightforward as you may think.

Fortunately, CVS Ltd are here to help, we focus on customers who have a poor or bad credit score for whatever reason get behind the wheel of their new or nearly new cars.  So if you are a parent who wishes to have peace of mind when it comes to their child’s safety, then leasing offers a fantastic solution.  Not only is it an affordable way to get a car, but also in the long run, more economical on the running costs and upkeep of the vehicle.  Furthermore, if your child is driving long distances to University or has a job, you will be safe in the knowledge that with a newer car there is less chance of your child being stranded on the side of the road, and vulnerable, in a broken down car.

All you need to do is make a joint application with your teenager, you will then enter into a joint leasing contract and then joint peace of mind.

Couple getting their new lease car

Couples - Two Adults One Driver’s Licence.

If you are a couple and only one of you works, but the person working does not have a drivers licence it is possible to lease a car,  all you need to do is make a joint application.

At CVS Ltd we understand that everyone’s circumstances are different for all sorts of reasons, that is why we not only lease to people with a bad or poor credit score but we also allow customers without a drivers licence to lease a car for their partner to drive. Depending on your finances you can either apply jointly or make a single application for a car lease.

Family Car Leasing


If you are a family with multiple drivers in your house hold you can lease a family car which everyone can drive. However the main drivers will need to be included on the lease contract.

This makes life much easier for busy working families who need to have a reliable car to help them go about their daily life.  With a leased car you are driving a new or nearly new car with leasing agreements from 1 year to 3 years, when your leasing agreement comes to an end you can reassess your family then choose a different car – larger or smaller or simply hand back the keys and walk away.

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