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How Compass Vehicle Services Ltd Started

CVS Limited was incorporated in 1999 from the idea of two individuals – Andrew Levy and Graham Harboard.

Compass Vehicle Services Ltd | TeamAndrew started as an accountant in 1979,  running his own accounting practice from 1989.

Graham has worked in the motor trade for his whole career .

Andrew contract hired motor vehicles over a number of years for himself and other members of his practice. Being an accountant he appreciated the financial benefits of leasing a car. It became apparent to Andrew that the quality of service from other car leasing brokers was very poor, which was the inspiration to start Compass Vehicle Services Ltd; to offer a professional service.

A gap in the market

It was apparent that the major finance houses and banks whilst happy to underwrite individuals with a good credit history, were not interested in people who had a bad credit rating.  Andy and Graham both agreed that this was both unreasonable and unfair to judge people on their past and not their current situation. So in 1999 Compass Vehicle Services was established; specialising in the sub-prime/non-status market. CVS began offering car and van leasing to people and businesses with bad credit or no credit history.

The banking crisis in 2008 resulted in even more people having credit issues. In addition banks and finance houses changed their lending criteria making it harder for people to qualify for mainstream credit. So Compass Vehicle Services Ltd does offer a solution to a lot of people and businesses who wouldn’t be able to lease a vehicle otherwise.

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Family Business

A growing family business

Since CVS Ltd was created the company has helped hundreds of customers, who have been declined by mainstream leasing companies, get behind the wheel of their new cars.

We treat our customer’s like family, offering each one the best deal we can for their current financial situation and vehicle needs.

As the company has grown, so has the CVS Ltd Team.

Compass Vehicle Services Ltd is the UK’s leading bad credit car leasing company.

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