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Why Choose Compass Vehicle Services

Compass Vehicle Services specialise in bad credit car leasing, offering affordable bad credit car finance for businesses and individuals with poor credit.

CVS offer nationwide car leasing, so no matter where you live in the UK you can drive one of our lease cars or vans.

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And All Bad Credit

Got Bad Credit? Decision not based on credit score.

Decision Not Based on Credit Score

CVS Ltd specialise in bad credit car leasing, so we understand there is no point in checking your credit score when you apply for a bad credit car lease.  This is why CVS Ltd check on 2 factors, 1) you can afford to make the monthly payments and 2) you are traceable at your address.

Each application for a bad credit car lease is treated as an individual case, talking to the customer and really getting to know their current circumstances.  That is why CVS Ltd are able to help many customers get behind the wheel of their vehicle who previously were declined by other companies.

Any Make or Model of Vehicle

Car of Your Choice

Unlike most leasing companies, CVS Ltd do not hold stock of cars.

If you find a car and are declined by the finance company do not despair.  If you know the car you want tell us and we can source it, the great thing about this is:

  • you get the car you want
  • you do not have to worry about the car depreciating in value, as you just hand it back at the end of the lease.
No Third Parties - CVS Lease and Finance Your Car

We Lease and Lend

At CVS Ltd we do both, we carry out all our own underwriting.

What that means is, we use our money to buy you your car, then we lease to you.

There are no third parties involved.

This means we can tailor all leases and finance deals to each and every customer, and we can make decisions very quickly.

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