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Compass Vehicle Services Limited (CVS Ltd) – The bad credit car leasing specialists.

CVS Ltd are specialist in bad credit car leasing and have been helping customers both personal and business get behind the wheel of their cars since 1999.  CVS Ltd are based in Kent, and serve customers nationwide offering fantastic bad credit car leasing deals.

We give our customers a more personal service working closely with you, and treating every application individually and confidentially.

Having a bad credit score.

bad credit car leasing

We are dedicated to delivering a customer service second to none, we understand that there are all manner of reasons why someone may find themselves with a poor or bad credit score. 

This could be due to economic reasons leaving people in a position with defaults, CCJ’s, Mortgage areas, bankruptcies, perhaps you have never had anything on finance before (no credit history).

All these factors are taken into account and determine what sort of credit score you have. 

If you are unsure of your credit score take a look at Bad credit score explained where you will find links and further information. 

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Applying does not effect your credit score.

It is worth noting that by applying for a bad credit car leasing agreement with CVS Ltd will not affect your credit score further; it is only when we have accepted your application in principle that we will need to run a credit reference agency check. 

We are regulated by the FCA.

CVS Ltd are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).  Under the FCA rules any individual applying for contract hire of a motor vehicle for a period of more than three months must be able to show they can afford the payments (this does not apply to limited companies).Bad credit car leasing

Having a poor or bad credit score means that you will find it difficult to obtain a car on lease (or Finance) from mainstream car leasing companies.  So if you have been declined by mainstream companies previously then you have come to the right place –

Bad credit car leasing is our speciality!

What CVS Ltd customers say….

  • Well what a happy and friendly lot of people this company are, they were professional very helpful any questions were answered in a positively and courteous manner, I would recommend them to anyone and will certainly obtain my next car from CVSCVS Customer
  • Great experience from start to finish very pleased with the service.CVS Customer
  • Brilliant customer service would highly recommend for those who haven’t got much of a credit history built up. Ben is a gentlemanCVS Customer
  • Excellent from start to finish. Dealt with any questions or concerns very professionally. First time experience with CVS would use again.CVS Customer
  • I am very happy with the service and will definitely be using CVS again for my next carCVS Customer
  • A smooth and easy process from start to finish, Thank you I will be shortly handing back my first car and signing up for a second leaseCVS Customer
  • Always helpful!!CVS Customer
  • Exceptionally friendly and informative. Really try to find the vehicle of choiceCVS Customer

CVS Ltd Blog posts….

What could lead you to have a bad credit score?

Unfortunately, there still seems to be a real stigma with having a bad credit score, but we are not judging your position.  At CVS Ltd we live in the real world and really understand there are all manner of reasons why you find yourself in the position of having a bad credit score, including;

  • Job Redundancy
  • Business Downturns
  • Divorce/Relationship Separation
  • Illness
  • Global Economic Changes
  • Zero Hour Contracts
  • Finances getting a little out of control
bad credit car leasing

 CVS Ltd are here to help you get a bad credit car leasing deal so you can get to work, get the children to school safely and go about your daily life without the worry of an unreliable car.

We recently received this feedback from one of our customers:

A change in circumstance a couple of years ago has led to us in to some financial difficultly although we are on our way back to be on track. Still when other companies have dismissed us, ‘for a bad credit rating’ from leasing a car when we needed that security to have transport to get to work and have a general feeling of worth your company have given us hope. From start to finish in the process everyone has been very professional together with a real understanding of people in difficult circumstances. Once we are out of this difficulty we will still look to lease a car from yourselves because of the way you have helped now.

What we look for in an application.

We know that you have a bad credit score, that is why you are coming to us, but we are not looking at your past financial history we are interested in the here and now.

Bad Credit Car LeasingThere are two main factors we require from our customers:

1)That you can afford your monthly repayments.

2)That you are in some way traceable at your current address.

If you are able to give evidence of the above, then you are just a few steps away from your bad credit car leasing agreement.  All our customers have been turned down by mainstream car leasing companies, but have been able to show that their credit score is not a true reflection on their current status.

How do I apply for a bad credit car leasing agreement?

At CVS Ltd we have tried to keep the application for a bad credit car leasing as simple and as straightforward as possible. Bad credit car leasing discuss

In the first instance you can either call, text (CAR4 to 66777) or fill out our quick contact form and one of our advisers will call you back to discuss your requirements and then send on the required form, however if you wish to speed up your application process you can fill out our online secure application form for either Personal leasing or Business leasing

We are able to work with you and create a bad credit car leasing agreement that is specifically created for you, depending on your budget, the car you require and the length of time you would like the lease to run – Not many bad credit car leasing companies can say that!

Along with your completed application form we will also require 3 months’ worth of current bank statements, and a copy of your driver’s licence as supporting documents.

bad credit car leasingOnce we have received your completed application form and required supporting documents we will be able to give you an answer as to whether your application has been successful, or if our underwriters require any further information within two working days.

At CVS Ltd we have a very high acceptance rate, but in truth we cannot promise that all applications will be accepted, no bad credit car leasing company can honestly do that.

CVS Ltd underwriters

bad credit car leasingUnderwriting is the analysis of financial information proceeding the granting of a loan, at CVS Ltd we carry out our own underwriting.  What this means to you as our customer is that we are able to offer bespoke agreements to suit your individual needs. 

We are able to get a quick decision to you regarding your bad credit car leasing application, and furthermore there will be no third parties involved just the CVS Team.

In some rare cases, the underwriting team may come back to us after putting forward your application to them, asking for other documents to help them understand your current financial situation.  This is why it is important for our advisers to talk to you and really understand your individual situation to help support your application for bad credit car leasing.

Bad credit car leasing after acceptance.

bad credit car leasing east sussexOnce you have been accepted things can move as fast as you wish them to.  You will be required to sign and send back a bad credit car leasing contract, and pay the agreed initial payment.

Please also note that there is an additional administration fee of £120 which is a one off payment for the duration of your bad credit car leasing agreement.

After the initial payment has been made.

bad credit car leasingOnce we have received your signed contract and your initial payment is cleared funds we will then begin to source your car. 

At CVS Ltd we do not hold stock of cars, we buy the car that you want, then lease it to you.

Before you collect your car we will require a copy of the insurance document for the car.  Did you know that you can apply for bad credit car leasing even though you wont be the one driving the car? Applying for a bad credit car lease for someone else.

Bad credit car leasing delivery or collection.

If you are within a 25-mile radius of our main office post code TN8 5RB we can deliver free to you, if you are further afield then there will be an additional cost as your car will be delivered via a logistics company.

We welcome you to collect your car, and are able to collect you from Gatwick Airport, Lingfield train station or Edenbridge train station.

bad credit car leasing surrey

So get in touch with CVS Ltd today and join our other satisfied customers who are bad credit car leasing from us.

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