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Compass Vehicle Services is a small, family run business that lease new and nearly new cars and vans to those will a bad credit history or those with no credit history at all. We are able to help people with less than perfect credit because we do not rely on credit checks to determine our lending decision. Instead we assess your ability to afford the monthly payments.

Do you have bad credit, or refused credit and need a car?

When you have poor credit it is very difficult to get finance to either purchase or lease a vehicle in the mainstream market, lenders are not willing to help and are unlikely to offer a finance agreement.

However, at Compass Vehicle Services we only work with customers who have an adverse credit rating. We understand that a poor credit rating is not a true reflection of someone’s circumstances, or their ability to afford the monthly lease payments. We do not base our decision on your credit score.

How does CVS Ltd differ from other leasing companies?

At CVS Ltd we specialise in poor credit car leasing.

Affordability and traceability are the only criteria we use to make a decision on your application to lease a car. That means you do not need to worry about your poor credit history.

We look at your personal car lease application as an individual case; only looking at your current circumstances.

We offer excellent car leasing deals. Take a look at our example cars and prices to see what you can get for your budget. Unlike other leasing companies at CVS we buy the car you want and then lease it to you, so you can choose any car as long as you can afford it.

young couple with bad credit leasing a car with CVS Ltd

Get a quick decision. As we have our own underwriters, we can make a decision within 2 working days. 

We buy the car you want. Because we buy cars that our customer’s want you have a wide range to choose from. Once you have been approved and we have agreed what you can afford; CVS will find the right car for you. If a new car is out of your budget we also lease nearly new cars that we keep in stock.

Assuming that there are no unforeseen circumstances we are able to have your car ready for delivery or collection within 10 days.

We accept customers with IVAs, CCJs and Bankruptcies, call us today! 

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  • I love my new car, thanks for all your help!Customer Quote
  • Great people to deal with. Kept informed all through the paper chase with a brilliant car on my drive in less that a fortnight from start to finish. Thanks Guys Darren PDarren P
  • Exceptionally friendly and informative. Really try to find the vehicle of choiceCustomer Quote
  • First time leasing a car, the process was smooth sailing from start to finish. Brilliant customer service, made me feel so comfortable and would continue leasing with CVS. Massive thank you to Ben and Graham, loving my 2016 Focus.Customer Quote
  • Polite staff; approachable and helpful. Smooth process from start to finish, would definitely recommended CVS for leasing services.Customer Quote

Benefits of leasing with bad credit 

Fixed Monthly Payments– Stay on top of your finances with fixed monthly payments.

No Depreciation Worries– No need to worry about your car depreciating in price as you simply hand it back at the end of your agreement.

Initial Payments Can Be Negotiable – Discuss with the CVS team in the beginning what initial payment you can afford.

Road Tax Included – Renewing and financing road tax is included in your deal as you’re not the registered owner of the vehicle.

Access To Better Cars – Your budget can get you a better car.

Flexible Contract– Poor credit car leasing agreements can be negotiated to suit you and your personal needs.

What are my options when my Personal car lease ends?

Hand the vehicle back – providing you’re within your contracted mileage and the vehicle condition is within the fair wear and tear standards then you will face no further charges.

Renew your lease – over 90% of our customers renew their lease with us and generally upgrade their model.

Check out our NHS car leasing deals that are well suited to health professionals with a bad credit history.


To help you get the answers you need fast, we’ve compiled a list of our customers’ most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer to your question, please contact us for assistance.

Q1. Can you explain personal car leasing to me?

Whether you are looking for your first car or simply need to upgrade your current vehicle, we can help you find it. Our ability to source vehicles throughout the UK allows us to provide you with new and almost new vehicles that meet your specifications. As a bonus, we are often able to work out great deals, thanks to our large vehicle acquisition. We can help you find the vehicle of your dreams, even if you have bad or no credit.

Q2. Can you explain business leasing to me?

Whether you need a single vehicle for your new business or you require a fleet of vehicles for your PLC, we can help you find the right vehicle(s) for your business. Our advisors will be happy to provide you with detailed information on business leasing and assist you in working out a leasing plan that works for you.

Q3. For acceptance do I need to provide an initial deposit or rental?

You will only be required to pay your initial payment after you have been accepted, as was agreed upon and during the acceptance process. Deposits are never required.

Q4. Can I have some act as Guarantor for me?

If you are not able to show affordability, you may ask a partner or family member to go on your leasing contract in support of your application. You also have the option of going on someone else’s application.

Q5. Is there a premium for non-status lease agreements or do you view them as you would someone without credit problems?

We make every effort to fit your budget, regardless of what that may be. For example, if you have £500, we will point you toward vehicles that fall in that price range. Be aware that due to the potential risk involved on our part, our prices do tend to be slightly more than mainstream companies.

Q6. I recently returned to the UK after spending several years abroad. Would I qualify to lease a vehicle if there is no trace?

Yes, depending on the information you have available. Please visit our application process for details..

Q7. Is acceptance guaranteed?

No, although we do have an acceptance rate around 85% when all required documentation is available, we cannot guarantee your poor credit car lease application will be accepted. This is true of any bad credit car leasing company.

Q8. My spouse will be driving the vehicle, but I am our wage owner. Am I eligible to lease a vehicle?

Simple fill out a joint application.

Q9. I am a resident of the UK, but I am not on the electoral roll. Everyone turns me down. Will you also turn me down?

Provided you can provide the requested supporting documentation, we may be able to approve your application. It’s worth noting that registration on the electoral roll is legally required.

Q10. I move addresses frequently because I’m in the Armed Forces. I’m not sure I’m on the electoral register. Can you help me?

We understand that in certain situations people are not on the electoral register. We can work with you. Please see our bad credit car leasing application process for additional information.

Q11. How long will I have to wait to get my new vehicle?

After your documentation has been received, a decision should be made within 2 working days. From there, it depends on how quickly you make your initial payment. In most cases, due to our sourcing and purchasing your vehicle, you will it within 10 working days from the date of your initial payment. We will try our best to speed the process up when we can.

Q12. I have a vehicle already leased in my name? Is it possible to lease another?

Yes, this is more common than you might think.

Q13. My bankruptcy will be discharged one year from now. I’ll been turned down by other companies. Can you help?

Yes, we can work with your regarding bankruptcy bad credit car leasing.

Q14. My unpaid maternity leaves recently ended and I need a car lease. All I have is a single pay stub and a CC. Will this work?

Yes, though you will likely need to submit additional evidence showing you can make the lease payments.

Q15. Thanks to an ugly divorce my credit score is bad, can you work with me?

Yes, we have helped many customers who have been left with a bad credit score after divorcing.

Q16. Am I able to claim VAT back?

You can claim back the VAT if you are leasing through a business.

Q17. Will you work with me if I am currently in an IVA?

Yes, we welcome anyone with IVA car leasing, as well as bankruptcies and CCJs.

Q18. Will I be responsible for car insurance?

Yes, it is up to you to take care of your own insurance. We will take care of the car tax.

Q19. How long is the lease term?

This depends on you, though most lease agreements are for 3 years. We can work with a shorter lease period if you prefer. Contact us for further information.

Q20. Is the car in my name?

No, we are buying the car and leasing it to you. As a result, you do not own it.

Q21. What kind of warranty can I expect?

This depends on the manufacturer and the vehicle’s age when it is leased. Typically, we lease newer cars that have at least 2 years remaining on the manufacturer’s warranty. Keep in mind that some manufacturers offer extended warranties. In some instances, your entire lease agreement may be covered.

Q22. What kind of car can I get?

This is based entirely on your budget. Remember, we are purchasing the vehicle for you, so you can specify exactly which vehicle you want.

Q23. Will I have to pay road tax?

No, as a leased car your road tax is included within your monthly payment.

Q24. What documents do I need to provide as supporting evidence with my application?

We ask that you supply 3 months worth of bank statements which clearly show incoming, outgoing, and running balance.  A copy of a utility bill and a drivers licence (if you are using the old paper licence version a copy of your passport is also required). Sometimes our underwriters will request extra supporting information to help them assess your application.

Can I send Screen shots of my bank statements from my mobile?
The underwriters need to see a daily incoming, outgoing and running balance.  Most screen shots from your bank app do not show this detail, therefore you will need to download the full detailed bank statements from your online banking.

Q25. Will my payment history with you show up on my credit report?

No, as a small independent funder, we will not show up on your credit report. We will, however, provide you with a financial reference anytime during your bad credit leasing agreement.

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