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Drive More Efficiently
If you will be one of the 1.6 million people in the U.K. taking the practical driving test this year, you need to know about some of the major changes coming to the driving test from April 2017.
Uk Race Track Bedford
If you have a need for speed and enjoy getting the most out of your car, then there's an array of great race tracks across the U.K. for you to satisfy your inner racing car driver.
Have you ever wondered how your neighbours and friends afford the latest cars? Do you gaze out of the window with car envy as a work colleague jumps into the latest Nissan Juke with all the trimmings and technology? Perhaps your neighbours shinny BMW is parked next to your old banger and you cannot work out how they afford it?
Car Names A
I have a Citroen called Francoise, and my Director Graham has an Austin called Frank, its surprising how many of us name our cars. Interestingly, and according to AA Driving School, four out of ten people have given their cars names, that’s 39% of drivers! Read more....
Bad credit car lease

More people in the UK are opting to get a car lease rather than purchase, why buy a car when you can lease, but what happens if you want a car lease but you have a rather unhealthy credit score? You need a bad credit car lease.bad credit car lease

With any kind of finance when you approach a company and apply for credit they will automatically check your credit score, before even getting to know you as a customer.  It is for that reason that many people find themselves being rejected before even getting a chance to talk anyone about their circumstances, and this is where bad credit car leasing becomes an option.

How to get a car lease with a bad credit score.

At CVS Ltd we recognised this as a problem in 1999,

Bad Credit Car Leasing Companies Family
Years ago car leasing was mainly aimed at businesses, however this has all changed, and there is a huge growth in personal car leasing in the UK
In my time at CVS Ltd I have spoken to a lot of customers who all share the same frustrations – they all have had in some way or another, financial problems in the past. Whether it is from making bad financial decisions, or have suffered as a result of an ex partner (personal and business). All of whom are trying to get back on track yet being declined by other mainstream finance companies. The real frustration is that many customers are now in a totally different situation, yet their credit score speaks louder than they do – Not At CVS Ltd!
Driving Test Uk
The driving test was introduced in the UK in 1935 and cost seven shillings and six pence, since then as motoring evolves so does the test. The most recent change to the driving test came 2010 ‘Independent Driving’. I do wonder what will happen in the future if we are all to be driving autonomous cars
Christmas shopping has become expensive and bad debt quickly mounts up. shopping and bad debtChristmas is a magical time of the year. It is a time that brings everyone together and enables us to spend time with our loved ones while reflecting on the year that has passed. It is a special time for all and for the whole month of December, and several months prior to that, the Christmas shopping begins.Over the decades, Christmas has evolved. It has gone from being about spending time with family to spending money on gifts, some may say the enjoyment of giving has been surpassed by the expectation of having to purchase the most expensive and up-to-date gifts.Modern Christmas Lists expensive shopping and bad debtChildren put together their Christmas lists, lists that have [...]
Box Junction
Box Junctions

Every driver will be aware of box junctions and the confusion and problems that comes with them. They were first introduced in 1967 and were implemented to help ease congestion and traffic junctions

They are one of the laws of the road that makes driving difficult for people because of the way in which it can put drivers in a position of breaking the law.  The box junctions are located, in many cases, in heavily congested areas, where cars need to nudge out into traffic to be able to get anywhere.

Traffic on the roads is becoming more and more congested, meaning that unless you are able to edge out and take the only available gap, you could find yourself sitting at a junction for many minutes at a [...]

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