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End Of Car Lease

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When you take out personal contract hire (PCH) or business contract hire (BCH) you make your monthly payments throughout the length of your lease deal. Once your car leasing deal ends you can simply hand back your vehicle or you can continue leasing for a monthly fee.

Read on to understand your options.

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Step 1 - How Car Leasing Works

Option 1 - Return the Vehicle

At the end of your car lease you can simply return the vehicle in a good condition, in line with the fair wear and tear guidelines.

If you have kept to the terms of your lease agreement there will be nothing more to pay.

Your car will need to be returned to the CVS office in Haywards Heath, West Sussex during office hours.

How Car Leasing Works - Step No 2

Option 2 – Extend the Existing Vehicle Lease

As one of our valued customers we like to work with you to make the ending of your contract as painless as possible. In some cases our customers like to extend their leasing contract giving them more time to decide what they are going to do next, what car to choose and to take a look at their finances to see what they can afford. By extending the leasing agreement you can decide on your next move without any pressure.

a)        You can extend your leasing agreement by 1 year, and we will give you a 10% discount on the price.

b)        If you you need to keep your car for a small amount of time we also offer a month to month extension on your leasing agreement.

How Car Leasing Works - Step No 3

Option 3 – Replace Existing Car with a New One 

This can either be with the same make and model or perhaps you fancy a complete change. If your financial circumstances have changed and you are able to afford more you could find yourself upgrading to a bigger car or with a better specification.

It is also worth noting that with CVS Ltd we like to reward our customers, so if you have made your regular payments without delay we will allow you to simply swap into your new vehicle without the need of putting down an initial payment.

You can take the opportunity to tailor your lease deal for instance you can increase your annual mileage or change your monthly lease payments.

End of Lease FAQs

How do I arrange return of my vehicle at the end of the lease?

It is your responsibility to return the vehicle to the offices of Compass Vehicle Services at your own expense between Monday and Friday, 9am to 5pm. The vehicle must be returned in good condition.

Should I clean my vehicle before returning it?

Yes do please return the vehicle clean. This helps us appraise the vehicle accurately for any damage or wear and tear, and reduces the likelihood of disputes later.

When can I start looking for a new vehicle?

We are happy to renew your motor vehicle within the last 2 months of your contract and will not charge you for any unpaid payments due. (Unlike any other lenders we know.)

What should I return with my vehicle?

Please return everything that was provided with your vehicle. This includes all keys, the service book, satellite navigation discs or SD cards, fixtures and fittings (e.g. headrests, parcel shelf etc.), and locking wheel nut keys. We may charge for any items that are missing when the vehicle is returned.

My vehicle's MOT is due soon - what should I do?

It is important that when you return your vehicle it has at least 5 days remaining on the MOT.

What happens if I exceed the mileage limit?

We will invoice you for the outstanding mileage at the rate agreed within your contract. Contact us as soon as you know that you are going to exceed the mileage, and we may be able to include the cost within your monthly payment.

I have a personal registration plate - what should I do?

Please contact us at least six weeks before you are due to return the vehicle. We will advise you about removing the plate from your car. It is important to remove this before returning the car, as it may not possible to have the registration returned to you otherwise.

My vehicle has some damage what should I do before I return it?

Request a copy of the BVRLA industry ‘fair wear and tear standard’ from CVS. If you find that your vehicle has damage that falls outside the guidelines of this policy, you should have this damage repaired prior to returning it. If you fail to get damage repaired, CVS Ltd will have the damage repaired and invoice you for the costs.

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