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Best Car Lease Deals in the UK For People and Businesses With Bad Credit

We have the best lease deals and car leasing special offers covering all makes and models.

At Compass Vehicle Services, we’re committed to bringing you the best car leasing deals. If you have poor credit and are looking for an incredible lease deal on a brand new car, we’d love to help.

We provide car leasing deals on various contract lengths, for fixed monthly payments. Choose personal leasing or business leasing.

Our annual mileage limit is significantly higher than our competitors at 15000 per year. You have the option to pay a bit more and increase that limit if you require it.

Simply pay the monthly rental and hand the car back at the end of your contract.

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Why We Can Offer the Best Car Lease Deals?

At CVS Ltd we do not use third party underwriters (credit brokers) because we finance the vehicles ourselves. This means we are able to be more flexible than most in the bad credit car finance agreements we offer. Each lease agreement is designed to suit each individual customer; based on their budget, car requirements and circumstances.

Compass Vehicle Services offer a truly personal car lease deal, to all of our bad credit customers across the UK. We are authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority.

Zero Deposit Car Lease Deals

Zero Deposit Car Leasing Deals

Not every customer can afford the initial payment to lease a car. The initial payment is a multiple of the fixed monthly payments – usually between 3 to 9 times the fixed monthly payment.

We have put together zero deposit deals on the Hyundai i10, Hyundai i20 and the Renault Clio.

If you are a key worker we also offer no deposit leasing across all vehicles.


Zero Deposit Deals
Special Car Lease Offers

Special Offers

For this special leasing offer we have reduced the initial payment to £500 + VAT . You then pay your monthly repayments as per your agreed leasing agreement. The special offer is available on these cars:

Vauxhall Corsa

Nissan Juke

Ford Focus

Key Worker Car Lease Offers

Key Worker Discounts

For all our Key Worker customers we are dispensing with the need for the initial payment, which is generally the equivalent of 3 to 9 monthly payments.

Key Worker Offers

Business Car Lease Deals

Business contract hire or company car leasing is a cost effective way for businesses to run new vehicles without huge upfront investment. The monthly payments are fixed for the term of the contract and include Road Tax. Car leasing affords companies tax benefits . For VAT registered companies, a portion of the VAT may be reclaimed. At the end of the lease contract the vehicle is simply handed back. Of course you have the option to extend the lease, or change the vehicle. There will be nothing more to pay as long as you have not exceeded the agreed mileage, and the car is returned in good condition (in accordance with BVLA fair wear and tear guidelines).

CVS Ltd can provide a single car lease, a single van lease, or a fleet of lease vehicles. We only lease to customers with bad credit or no credit, so don’t let your credit rating stop you from taking one of our lease deals or offers. Talk to us about our car and van leasing deals.

Personal Car Lease Deals

Personal contract hire (PCH) is the formal name for personal leasing. It requires an upfront payment followed by a fixed monthly cost over the period of the lease contract. Leasing gives you the opportunity to get a better car than if you were buying a car outright. A new vehicles comes with a long manufacturer warranty giving you peace of mind. We even take care of the road tax so you just need to buy insurance and get breakdown cover. It’s easy to switch from one car to another every few years so you are always driving a new car. Return the car in good order and under the agreed mileage and there is nothing more to pay.

Talk to us about personal leasing deals and car lease offers. Your bad credit status does not need to prevent you from leasing your ideal car. We accept applications for all types of bad credit including IVAs, CCJs, bankruptcy and debt management. Many of our customers have been turned down by mainstream brokers and dealers.

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