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Fuel Cashback Cards

Petrol cash back cards – What are they and are the worth it?

For those people that drive, petrol is a necessary, but expensive means to an end. It goes without saying that any savings that can be made should certainly be considered worth looking into, whether its sourcing the best prices for your petrol or something else. So, what exactly is a petrol cash back card? Are they worth it or do they simply sound too good to be true and have lots of hidden catches? And most importantly if there are no catches then where can you get one? Here, we bring you up to speed on what they are and whether you’d benefit.

Cashback Credit Cards, helping you save money on your petrol

There are plenty of credit cards that offer cashback so it is worth having a look around to find the right one for you. Obviously paying for petrol, or indeed anything else, on a cashback credit card will earn you something back, but the trick is to make sure it is worth your while.

The 123-credit card from Santander can earn you up to 3% cashback on petrol, to a maximum of £3 per month. With fees of £3 per month you need to use it for other purchases as well – shopping in major supermarkets earns you 1% cashback and departments stores 2%. The fees are waived for the first 6 months for current account holders.

The American Express Platinum Cashback Everyday Credit Card is certainly worth it if you are planning to travel. With 5% cashback on all you spending during the first three months, up to a maximum of £100, you just need to spend £3000 in the year on your card. There is no annual fee and you can still earn 1% after the initial three months.

Asda also do a cashback credit card, which is great if you shop there as it pays 1% on all Asda purchases – including petrol.

Saving money at the petrol pumps with Supermarket Loyalty Cards

petrol cashback card - Tesco club card

Tesco Club Card Earning Points – Petrol cashback card

Using a Tesco Clubcard earns you points on your purchases; one point for every £2 spent on fuel, pay with a Tesco Clubcard Credit Card and you get an extra point for every £4 you spend. Points are turned into vouchers each quarter (minimum of 150 points). You can use them as money off your shopping in store or boost them for up to four times their face value for vouchers for theme parks, restaurants etc. You can also earn clubcard points at Esso, one point on every £3 spend at Esso stations with a Tesco and one point every two litres of fuel at ones without.

At Sainsburies and BP you can get one point per litre using your Nectar card, and two points for every pound you spend. 500 points is worth £2.50 in vouchers and they can be boosted like Tesco vouchers

Petrol Station Cards, surely the best way to make savings when buying petrol?

The Texaco Star Rewards card gives you a point for every litre of fuel, and 500 points gives you a £5 voucher for stores like M&S or Argos.

petrol cashback cards - Shell drivers club card

Shell Drivers club – Petrol cashback cards

The Shell Drivers’ Club Card, which is free to join, offers one point per litre of regular of diesel and two points on premium fuel. Points are also available on car washes. 500 points gives you £2.50 in shell fuel vouchers which can be swapped for shopping vouchers.

Whilst none of these will make you rich, it certainly makes sense to use a card that will give you something for buying the petrol you need. As they say in a certain supermarket, Every Little Helps!

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