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Drive More Efficiently and Save Money

Save up to £84 a year

Motorists could make huge savings if they simply switched their car engines off when not moving and always used the correct gear.

Research by Barclaycard Fuel+ found that by making just a few simple changes to the way they drive, motorists could save anything up to £84 each year.

In the UK, more than 636 million litres of petrol go to waste each year. This is a result of more than a third of drivers not using efficient driving techniques, such as using the handbrake when waiting at traffic lights.

It may be a surprise, but the survey found that it’s younger drivers who are actually the most efficient drivers, with 17-24-year-olds the most eco-efficient behind the wheel. Meanwhile, over 50% of drivers aged 65 and over said they didn’t use any techniques which save fuel. And drivers in London are particularly eco-friendly and more likely to walk a short journey rather than drive.


Car Maintenance

  • Service your car regularly
  • Always use the correct engine oil for your car
  • Regularly check the tyre pressures, especially before long journeys


Before you drive

  • Take out any unnecessary heavy items from your car as the extra weight will use up more fuel.
  • Take off the roof rack and boxes when you aren’t using them Cut drag.
  • Only start the engine when you are ready to go as letting it sit idle will just waste fuel.
  • Scrap ice off your car instead of letting it sit idle to warm up.
  • Always know where you are going because if you get lost then you will just waste fuel.
  • Lots of short trips will use more fuel, so try to combine them into a longer journey if possible.
  • If you are only going to be travelling a short distance, then consider cycling or walking instead.

Driving more efficiently

  • Always try to drive smoothly with gentle acceleration.
  • Read the road ahead so you can avoid unnecessary breaking.
  • When you are approaching a queue or traffic lights, start to slow down early and you might able to avoid stopping completely.
  • When you are just driving around town, then open the windows rather than using the air-con. Save for high speed driving and don’t leave it on all the time.
  • When you don’t need them, turn off the rear window heater, headlights and demister fan.
  • Drive to the speed limit, as going faster uses up more fuel.


Choosing your next car

  • The car itself can have a huge impact on your fuel costs and how efficient your driving is.
  • The smaller the engine, the more efficient the car will be.
  • Choosing an ultra-low emissions car is one way to guarantee you are driving as efficiently as possible.
  • Electric cars produce zero exhaust emissions and electric hybrids emit only 75g or less of CO2 per kilometre.


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