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Build Your Brand Reputation With Your Fleet Vehicles

Build your brand reputation with fleet vehicles

Last updated 11 July 2022 | Published 10 October 2016

One of the first touch points that people will see of your brand, if you operate company vehicles, is your fleet. And we know, first impressions count.

Whether you run leased or owned cars, vans or lorries, fleet vehicles provide a brilliant opportunity to raise your profile.

Your choice of fleet vehicle, how they are presented and how they are driven can either secure your brand reputation or ruin it.

This article will help you get your brand recognised for the right reasons, when potential customers see your fleet of vehicles on the road.


Fleet Identity and Brand Awareness


Whether they are transporting goods up and down the country or parked at the roadside, your business vehicles are prime advertising space that you already have at your disposal, so use them

Brand awareness is a key element in building your business and getting customers to know your product or service.

Companies invest a great deal of time, budgets and resources on marketing and conveying a brand identity that is based on values and purpose.  Marketers go to great lengths to convey well thought-out brand messages through print, web, social media, events and other platforms. But 

Make sure that you give your business cars, vans and trucks the same considerations as any other form of communications and you will get more than miles for your money.


Convey Your Brand Message and Personality

Communicate through your vehicle graphics:

  •  what your business does
  •  what sets it apart from the competition.

Showcase your brand’s personality through:

  • colours
  • fonts
  • designs.

When designing the livery for your vehicles, keep in mind that you are using a moving object to carry your message so make sure it is uncluttered, highly visible from a distance and include a contact number or website.  


Brand Coherence and Consistency

Your vehicle wraps and graphics should be consistent with your other marketing materials .

If your business has a website and supporting social media channels, make your fleet vehicles a part of the overall brand campaign. Follow the same voice and design of your other campaigns offline and online to ensure coherence and consistency, and eventually, brand awareness. 

Revisit and refresh your livery from time to time to keep it in line with your brand.

Pay Attention to All Areas of the Vehicle

A vehicle is an unconventional advertising medium because of its size, shape, and function. As such, make sure that all areas of your vehicle can deliver the advertisement’s overall image. Pay attention to all the visible areas.

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Driver Etiquette and Road Safety

Ensure your drivers are courteous

The way your vehicles are driven and the behaviour of your drivers reflects on your business. Safe and courteous driving is vital to safeguard the reputation of your business.

Are you doing all you need to make sure that your drivers are the best ambassadors for your business?

Driver Training

An investment in driver training is an investment in your business. The most effective way to manage driver behaviour and safety is by educating them and making them aware of the safety policies and best driving practices.  This ensures that you cultivate habits of courtesy and road safety.  Safe, respectful drivers are an asset to your business and the way it is perceived.

Smart fleet operators will see an opportunity here to strengthen their brand and will educate their drivers to make sure they understand the implications of their actions whilst they are driving.

Not only will your drivers’ good practice reflect well on your brand and endear you to potential customers, it will also reduce the likelihood of accidents or disputes, making your job easier and keeping your fleet costs down, including insurance premiums.

You’ve invested a lot into building your brand, you don’t want it tearing down because of a little thing called courtesy. Let your drivers be your brand ambassadors and get them up to speed on road etiquette.

Driver Training Providers and Resources

Global Fleet Champions partnership with Brake Road Safety Charity

Global Fleet Champions is free to join. It’s a partnership initiative, overseen by academic and practitioner experts working in the field of occupational road risk. It is administered by Brake, the road safety charity.   They have significant resources to help you deliver driver training and awareness.

Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC)

The government  Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC) is a qualification for professional drivers which requires 35 hours of periodic training every 5 years to keep Drivers certified and which carries a penalty fine of up to £1,000 for those driving professionally without Driver CPC.


Choose the Right Vehicles For Your Brand

Your company vehicles need to be able to do the job you want them to do and therefore they need to be fit for your purpose. But the vehicle is also an extension of your brand and therefore when you are deciding on business vehicles try to match your brand values and purpose to your vehicles. 

Is your brand more Bentley or Ford, or does it matter?

  • A charity might want to opt for a moderately priced economy range rather than a prestige car with a hefty price tag so as not to be seen as ‘squandering’ money which could otherwise be spent on the core cause. 
  • A van with a low carbon footprint will make a completely different statement about your business than an old van that omits plumes of smoke as it stands idle at the traffic lights. By choosing vehicles that have a minimal carbon footprint, you can show that you’re committed to making a difference.
  • If you deal in luxury products, you can may want a luxury brand to be used across the fleet. 


Keep Your Fleet Vehicles Clean and Well Maintained

Having clean and well-kept vehicles not only reflects well on your business, by portraying a professional image, it can also improve fuel efficiency, which will cut down on cost and protect the motor’s engine.

Make sure that you keep your company vehicles clean inside and out, and avoid ‘interesting’ messages being left in the grime.

There is no point having a good business image, a decent fleet of vehicles, then have a couple of vans that are dirty.

There is also no point in spending money on eye catching signage if no one can read it through the dirt.

When your vehicle is being seen by thousands of potential customers every day it is essential that you maintain it well. Damaged and dusty vans tells people that you are a business who doesn’t care so keep them spotless and your reputation will be too.


Leasing Fleet Vehicles

Getting a business vehicle on lease is an excellent way of getting a new van or car that you may not be able to afford outright when starting a new business.  Your initial payment when business leasing is vastly lower than an outright purchase, and thereafter you make fixed monthly payments – keeping your finances in check

Business leased vehicles can be branded with your company graphics, and at CVS Ltd we can discuss your mileage at the beginning of the lease and create a leasing agreement that suits your business.

Whether you’re just starting out or want to take your business to the next level, we’re sure to be able to find the right business vehicle leasing arrangement for you!

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