Why buy a car when you can lease?

Why buy a car when car leasing is available to all?

Car leasing - Helping families get reliable carsYears ago car leasing was mainly aimed at businesses, however this has all changed, and there is a huge growth in personal car leasing in the UK.  Leasing a car means you will only ever be driving newer cars, as leases generally run for 3 years and after this time you can simply exchange for another new model.  This is ideal as you do not have to worry about the car depreciating in value.  You are driving a reliable car, and as with most modern cars the running costs should be lower (depending of course on what car you get).

Two types of car leasing available

PCP car lease- With this lease you pay a deposit and have the option to purchase the car at the end of your leasing term.

PCH car lease- This type of lease allows you to simply hand the car back at the end of your lease, however you will need to pay an initial payment which is generally a certain amount of your repayments in one go anything from 1 to 9 depending on the leasing company and the agreement you have entered into.

If you are favouring PCH car leasing and you have a bad credit score then take a look at bad credit car lease for more information.

Things to consider when car leasing

PCH car leasing you do not have to worry about road tax, this is paid by the leasing company.car leasing - money saving option

Payments are generally lower on a PCH car lease compared to PCP car leasing and personal car loans.

With PCH car leasing at the end of your lease you can either renew with your existing leasing company or you can shop around and move companies.  With a PCP car lease you may have to stay with the leasing company to be able to use any remaining equity you have on the car to go toward your next choice.

When leasing a car you do not have to worry about the car depreciating unless of course you are considering purchase in a PCP car lease.

Leasing is available to everyone, even if you find yourself with a bad credit score you can still get a personal lease.

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