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What is non status?

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Before we go on to non status car leasing and van leasing lets look at what non-status means. Non-status is when you have a bad credit score, which can cause you to be declined by mainstream companies.  You can check your credit score with credit reference agencies (CRA’s) the top ones are Experian and Equifax. Many people find that with one they have a good score and in the other it could be classed as poor.  It really can be a mine field, but if you find yourself being declined because of non status then it can be very frustrating.

Your credit score is effected by any financial problems you have had in the past, perhaps due to redundancy, illness, bankruptcy etc..  Another reason is if you have moved address frequently, this can cause alarm bells as this could be deemed as suspicious even though it is most likely there is a legitimate reason for doing so..

Have you found yourself or your business being declined by mainstream car leasing?

Funding and finance have become more difficult since the credit crunch, and along with the decision to leave the EU, has left financial institutions feeling rather twitchy.

Applicants with a less than perfect credit track record are finding it harder to find high street banks and larger financial institutions to accept them.  Furthermore, it is becoming even harder for new businesses who are unable to provide evidence of accounts.

This means that when you apply for car leasing to the mainstream leasing companies they will look at your credit score, if you do not fall into what they consider to be a good score then you will be declined.

Many mainstream lenders would react negatively to a non status profile as they have no, or little past credit history to assess how much of a risk you are, but we are a small company, with our own underwriters, so we are able to deliver a personal service, discussing with you and providing the right evidence needed to gain a leasing agreement.

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At CVS Ltd we do not look at your credit score to determine whether to lease a car or van to you or your business.  We live in the real world and understand that everyone has their own individual situation.  There could be all manner of reasons why you have a non status credit profile and we work with you to find out what you can afford and create a bad credit car finance leasing agreement tailored to you; you can adjust your contract terms to have high mileage, low initial payments, no deposit, and adjust the length of the lease

Many of the leasing companies you could work with have third parties involved, at CVS Ltd we do everything for you.  As we finance the vehicles ourselves you can get an answer within 2 working days whether you have been accepted or not, and then you get to choose what car you want within your budget and we will then source that vehicle and purchase it.

We then lease the car or van to you, this makes life very easy during your leasing term as we are easily contactable should you have any queries.

We accept customers with

  • Poor Accounts
  • New Start Businesses
  • Poor Credit History
  • Bad Credit History
  • CCJ’s, Arrears or Defaults
  • IVA, CVA or Bankrupts
  • Poor Electoral Role History

To find out more from about non status car leasing contact us, if you would like to speed up the process and complete our online application form you can do it here Personal or Business, which ever way you wish to make contact, we can promise you that we will not share any information submitted to us, and all communication is treated confidentially.

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As mentioned previously, after accepting your application we will discuss the vehicle you would like and we will then source for you.  There are so many cars available that we have put together some example cars we offer along with an example payment plan.  Remember that we can work with you on what you can afford, so if you find the car you want but the price plan is not suitable simply get in touch! Check out our example cars here

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