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Avoid Breaking Down

The most common cause of breakdowns are Batteries


To avoid breaking down due to a battery fault.  When you get, your car serviced get the garage to check your battery.  If you only do short daily short journeys, consider charging your battery overnight every fortnight or so.

Unsurprising the next most common reason for requiring help with your car is the loss of keys.  I mean let’s face it who has not had to hunt for car keys at some point in their driving lives.  These days however it’s even more tricky as most keys now include chips to help against theft.  Make sure you have a spare somewhere safe at home.

Easily resolved breakdown, there are not many but a flat should be quick to sort

Wheels and tyres are damaged at an alarming rate mainly down to our poor road conditions.  Breaking down because of a flat tyre is very annoying but in most cases easily resolved.  Always make sure you have a spare and it is ready for use, another handy tip is to keep a tyre inflator and sealant kit which will help you reach your nearest garage.

More than 150,000 drivers do it each year…. Putting the wrong fuel in their car.  If you do this and realise at the pump DO NOT START YOUR CAR, most breakdown services can rectify this pretty quickly.  Most fuel caps have what fuel should be going in, if it’s not clear, and you have forgotten before, make your own label.  No one else need see it accept you and it could save you a whole load of hassle.

Other common breakdowns

Other common breakdowns include – Alternators, Starter motors, Clutch Cables, Spark plugs and HT leads, by keeping your car regularly serviced you should be able to minimise the risk of this happening.  Finding the time and money to service your car can be a pain, but in the long run it could save you a whole heap of problems.


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