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Tyre Blowouts – What To Do If You Have One

Tyre Blowout

Tyre blowout how are they caused and what to do if you have one

A tyre blowout is pretty uncommon, however I am sure we have all spotted on motorways the remainders of tyres, and in my case a blowout happening in front of me.  The driver I saw handled the situation extremely well, and was able to get over to the hard should without causing any problems.  But how are tyre blowouts caused and what should we do if we experience one?

Tyre damage causes blowouts

With the state of our roads in the UK, it is not uncommon to get tyre damage by hitting a pothole, and let’s face it some potholes could swallow up a fiat 500!

Although we all try our best to avoid them, they can be easily missed or you may not be able to go around them because of oncoming traffic, then ‘bam’ the noise travels right through you!  In a lot of cases we will carry on driving and forget all about the incident.  However, if you do hit a pothole that makes you shudder then you should pull over safely, and check for damage on the tyre.

Hitting a kerb may also cause damage to your tyre and again needs to be investigated before continuing to drive.  Either of the above causes of tyre damage do not need you to be driving at any speed, it could simply be down to the angle of the impact.

What is a tyre blowout?

Tyre blowout
Check your tyres for damage

Unlike a puncture where air is released over time, and you can feel shuddering in the steering wheel, or perhaps your steering becomes heavy or pulls to one side, A blowout happens immediately without any warning.

What you should do in the event of a tyre blowout

Don’t panic try to remain calm in order to make the correct decisions, although you will immediately want to slam on the brakes you should not, as this could cause you to lose control, especially if the blowout is on the back.  Keep your foot on the accelerator, not to increase speed but to maintain and reduce speed.  These vital seconds will help you to establish where you need to get to, to remain safe and not to cause an incident for any other cars.

Tyre blowout
Result of a tyre blowout

Keep your driving in a smooth manner, once you have made your decision on where you need to get to, to be safe, ease off the accelerator.  If you are in a manual car change the gears down to help you to slow and come to a stop.

Regular tyre checks

  • Make sure you replace tyres with new ones
  • Check the tread of your tyres
  • Check that you do not have any damage to your tyres such as bulges or even nails/screws in bedded.

Its not just the vehicle you drive, make sure you check the tyres on your caravans, horse box, and other trailers!

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