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Compass Vehicle Services are specialists in bad credit car finance.

We understand that there are many reasons why a person or business may have a bad credit rating, which is affecting your credit score. We also know that a poor credit history doesn’t mean you can’t afford car finance.

With CVS you can get car finance for bad credit while you are working to try and improve your credit score.

We don’t base our finance decisions on credit checks, but instead look for proof you can afford the monthly payments, and are traceable at your address and on the electoral roll.

Applying for car finance is easy with us. Don’t worry about your credit report as you can secure bad credit car finance with CVS, subject to status.

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Key Benefits of Bad Credit Car Finance

Fixed Monthly Payments 

Stay on top of your finances with fixed monthly repayments.

No Depreciation Worries 

Don’t worry about your car depreciating in price. Simply return it at the end of your lease agreement.

Initial Payments Can Be Negotiable 

Discuss with the CVS team what initial payment you can afford.

Road Tax Included

Road tax is included in your deal.

Access To Better Cars

Your budget can get you a better lease car than buying a car.

Flexible Contract

Leasing agreements can be negotiated to suit your needs.

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bad credit is not a barrier to personal contract hire (PCH), car leasing.

How CVS Can Help You with Car Finance

  1. We offer car finance with bad credit to people who have found themselves struggling to get mainstream car finance due to their bad credit.
  2. We only accept finance applications from customers with bad credit – so you can be assured of great service without any judgement of your financial situation.
  3. We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority providing the assurance that you need when securing finance for bad credit cars.
Bad Credit Car Lease - Any Make or Model of Vehicle Available

Tailored bad credit car finance

Compass Vehicle Services lease and finance your vehicle so you never have to deal with a third party.

That means we can create highly tailored finance agreements to suit your individual needs; that other car brokers, dealers and lenders can’t.

Our friendly, in-house team is on hand to discuss all of your poor credit car finance options. They will help put together the best car finance deal for you. Tailor your agreement:

  • high mileage
  • low initial payments
  • no deposit
  • adjust the length of the lease.
First Class Service

Why get bad credit car finance from CVS?

We are a family business and we treat our customers like family.

Our helpful team will always go the extra mile to get a a car finance agreement solution that delivers to your needs and individual budget wherever possible.

We can usually give you a decision on car finance within 2 working days of receiving your application and supporting documentation.

Couple getting their new lease car

What we do differently

  • CVS Ltd only lease cars to people who have a bad credit score.
  • We finance the car as well as lease it so you don’t have to deal with third parties.
  • Choose from the widest range of vehicles – we buy the car or van you want and lease it back to you.
  • We don’t assess you based on your credit scores – we focus on affordability and traceability.
  • We look at whether you can afford your potential repayments on your car lease choice, and we also will check that you are traceable at your address.

Need Car Finance With Bad Credit - We Can Help!

Can You Afford It?

We ask for bank statements to show you can afford the repayments. We do not make a decision based on credit score.

Are You Traceable?

We will ask you to show us evidence of your current address, and if required previous addresses.

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You don’t need to worry that having bad credit means you cannot get car finance for a lease car.  Talk to us today.

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