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CVS are specialists in car finance for customers with bad credit.

We understand that there are many reasons why a person or business may have a bad credit rating, which is affecting your credit score. We also know that bad credit doesn’t mean you can’t afford a car loan.  Bad credit car finance can help you get driving while you are working on improving your credit. Complete our simple online application form to get started.

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We can help you drive a new car or van.

Key Benefits of Bad Credit Car Finance

  • Fixed Monthly Payments – Stay on top of your finances with fixed monthly repayments.
  • No Depreciation Worries – Don’t worry about your car depreciating in price. Simply return it at the end of your lease agreement.
  • Initial Payments Can Be Negotiable – Discuss with the CVS team what initial payment you can afford.
  • Road Tax Included – Road tax is included in your deal.
  • Access To Better Cars – Your budget can get you a better lease car than buying a car.
  • Flexible Contract– Leasing agreements can be negotiated to suit your needs.

How CVS Can Help

  1. We offer car finance with bad credit to people who have found themselves struggling to get mainstream car finance due to their bad credit file.
  2. We only deal with customers with bad credit histories so you can be assured of great service without any judgement of your financial situation.
  3. We are authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority reassures that you are in good hands.

Tailored bad credit car finance

Compass Vehicle Services lease and finance your vehicle so you never have to deal with a third party. That means we can create highly tailored finance agreements to suit your individual needs; that other car brokers, dealers and lenders can’t.  Our friendly, in-house team is on hand to discuss all of your lease options. They will help put together the best car finance deal for you. Tailor your agreement:

  • high mileage
  • low initial payments
  • no deposit
  • adjust the length of the lease.

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Why get bad credit car finance from CVS?

We are a family business and we treat our customers like family.

Our helpful team will always go the extra mile to get a solution that delivers to your needs and individual budget wherever possible.

We can give you a decision within 2 working days of receiving your application and supporting documentation.


“They were amazing. More like family than a car lease company.”

“CVS were able to source a vehicle to my exact specification.”

“Application process was simple and I received a quick decision.”

What we do differently

  • CVS Ltd only lease cars to people who have a bad credit score.
  • We finance the car as well as lease it so you don’t have to deal with third parties.
  • Choose from the widest range of vehicles – we buy the car or van you want and lease it back to you.
  • We don’t look at your credit scores – we focus on affordability and traceability.
  • We look at whether you can afford your potential repayments on your car lease choice, and we also will check that you are traceable at your address.

Simple Application

Quick Decision

Nationwide Delivery

Don’t let bad credit put you off applying for car finance

We welcome applications from anyone who can prove they can afford the monthly repayments.

There are many reasons why you could be considered to have bad credit. Below are some of the most common causes of having a bad credit:

  •  County Court Judgements (CCJs) – If you have an outstanding CCJ, this means that the court has formally decided that you owe the money.
  • Individual Voluntary Agreements (IVA) – We just need a letter from your Insolvency Practitioner saying that they are happy for you to get a car on finance.
  • Company Voluntary Agreements – Similar to an IVA we need confirmation from your Insolvency Practitioner that they are happy for you to lease a vehicle.
  • Bankruptcy – We can help if you have been in bankruptcy within the last 6 years or are currently in bankruptcy.
  • Debt Management Plan (DMP) – Allows you to pay off your debts at a rate you can afford.
  • Missed Payments or Defaults – If you miss payments to a debt or you don’t pay the right amount, this can have serious consequences, and can affect your credit rating.
  • No Credit – some people don’t have a credit score because they have not taken out credit in the past 6 years.

If you need debt advice why not visit the Money Advice Service

How does bad credit car finance work?

The lease agreement is for an agreed period of time, for a contracted fixed monthly rate.

There are two main factors we require from our customers:

1) That you can demonstrate you can afford your monthly lease repayments.

2) That you are in some way traceable at your current address.

If you are able to give evidence of the above, then you are just a few steps away from your bad credit car leasing agreement.

After you submit your application we will ask you for the documents we need to satisfy our requirements.

Once our in-house underwriters have passed you in principle we will do a credit check to get to know you as a customer but not to check your credit score.  We have to do a credit check to conform to the Finance Conduct Authority regulations.

Your car finance agreement (subject to status) will consist of an initial deposit and monthly repayments

Application and Acceptance FAQs

We are unable to guarantee every application but in truth no company can, however we have approximately an 85% acceptance rate upon all the required documentation.

Yes, if you are unable to show affordability you can have a family member or partner go on your leasing agreement contract with you in order to support your application. You can also lease a car for someone else.

Once you have been accepted you will be required to pay your initial (first) payment, this would have been agreed during the acceptance process. There are no deposits paid at CVS Ltd we only require your initial payment.

Yes, you would need to apply as a joint application.

Once we have received all your required documentation we should have an answer for you within 2 working days, the rest is dependant on you paying the initial payment and us sourcing and purchasing your car. Your car will take 10 working days from the day your initial payment is made to be delivered. However we will do our very best to get the vehicle to you sooner.

Yes, there are many households who do have multiple leased cars in one persons name.

Having bad credit can make it difficult to get car finance through a mainstream car leaser. However CVS do things differently and as long as you can demonstrate you can afford the lease we can help.

Once you have completed your application for personal or business contract hire, we will ask you to supply some supporting documentation which is usually:

Proof of Identification – Copy of your valid driver’s licence

Proof of Income – Pay slips and bank statements for the last 3 months. If self-employed instead of pay slips please provide your
HMRC SA302 form confirming your latest tax calculation

Proof of Address – You can verify your address by providing a UK utility bill (gas, electricity, water, telephone landline) issued within 3 months. The name and address on the bill must match those in the lease application.

We only accept customers with bad credit. So you can apply for a lease if you have an IVA, CCJ, are in a debt management plan or have a poor credit rating. As long as you can demonstrate you can afford the monthly payments we can help.

We welcome customers with individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs). We look at your current financial situation and whether you can afford the payments.

We welcome customers who are bankrupt or who have been discharged from bankruptcy. We look at your current financial situation and whether you can afford the payments.

We welcome customers with county court judgements (CCJs). We look at your current financial situation and whether you can afford the payments.

We welcome all bad credit customers, so do not let a Company Voluntary Agreement (CVA) stop you from applying for a lease. We look at your current financial situation and whether you can afford the payments. We do not use credit scores.

If you can satisfy 2 key requirements then you qualify to lease a car:

  1. Are you traceable? It is not simply a question of whether you are on the electoral roll. It helps, but we will not discount an individual if they are not on the electoral roll. We consider a number of other issues such as how long you have been living in your home (you do not need to own it) and how long you have been in your current employment/self-employment.
  2. Can you afford the payments?
    We review your last three months bank statements to assess whether you are able to afford the monthly payments. We do not use any credit scoring methods.

Do I qualify to lease a car from CVS

You will be required to sign and send back your car leasing contract, which will be sent to you by post. 

Then you will need to pay the agreed initial payment and the one-off administration fee.

Once we have received your signed contract, and your initial payment is cleared funds we will then begin to source your car. 

A credit check is required to comply with the FCA and anti-fraud regulations. We only perform a credit check once we have pre-approved your application. The credit check is used simply to confirm your address, and we are not looking at your credit score.

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