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Lexus UX 300e Self Charging Hybrid SUV

lexus 300e

source: Lexus

lexus300e 2

source: Lexus

lexus300e 3

source: Lexus

Published 3 December 2019

At the end of November 2019 Lexus revealed its first electric production car, the UX 300e at the Guangzhou motor show in China.

Lexus claim the range is around 250 miles with fast charging at speeds of up to 50kW. A full charge will take approximately 50 minutes to using a 50-kW fast-charger.

The UX 300e features a number of drive modes so that the performance of the electric motor can be better managed, along with paddle shifters to control the regenerative braking modes.

The styling has stayed close to the regular UX. Internally the only change is the instrument cluster. Externally there are some subtle changes such as the new aerodynamic wheels, 20 millimetres lowered ride height, and redesigned underbody cover to make the vehicle as sleek as possible.

Lexus have focused on road-performance and refinement. Lexus claim it has added insulation to reduce wind and road noise.

 Lexus has installed what it calls it’s Active Sound Control (ASC) system that “transmits natural, ambient sounds” in order to ensure that the car is heard despite it’s lack of a traditional engine.


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