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BMW 2 Series MPV Gran Tourer | Petrol | 5 door | Manual

£686 per month + VAT

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BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer Front and side viewBMW 2 Series Gran Tourer Side viewBMW 2 Series Gran Tourer interiorWe accept all kinds of bad credit
BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer Front and side viewBMW 2 Series Gran Tourer Side viewBMW 2 Series Gran Tourer interiorWe accept all kinds of bad credit

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Finance Details

Contract Length

48 months

Payment Profile

3 + 47

47 Monthly Payments of

£686 + VAT Per Month

Initial Payment

Your first month's payment

£2058 + VAT

Deal Details

Road Tax


Manufacturer's Warranty


Annual Mileage

Higher annual mileage can be quoted on application


Free local delivery. Nationwide delivery available

BMW 2 Series MPV

How to Get A BMW 2 Series Lease With Bad Credit

Even with bad credit, we can offer an BMW 2 Series lease deal from Compass Vehicle Services if you can demonstrate that you are traceable and can afford the monthly payments.

1. Fill out the simple application form

We are here to help! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

2. Send us supporting documentation

Once we receive your completed application, we will contact you to request the supporting documents.

3. Approval Stage

Our underwriters will review your application and supporting documentation. We will respond to you as soon as possible, usually within 2 working days of receiving all of your documents.

4. Tailored Agreement

We create a lease agreement that is customised to meet your specific requirements.

5. Delivery

We make getting your car easy. You can collect it yourself, or we can arrange nationwide delivery.

6. End of Lease

You can choose from 3 options when your lease expires. Return the car, extend your lease, or get a new lease.


See what the top auto magazines say about the BMW 2 Series before you lease one

RAC says

“BMW’s 2 Series Gran Tourer is a seven-seat compact MPV that offers a classier, more interesting alternative to a conventional Grand C-MAX or Grand Scenic-style People Carrier.”

“Ultimately, this car is all about the democratisation of premium quality. Why should you be denied a prestige badge just because you’ve a growing family and need seven seats? With a 2 Series Gran Tourer, you don’t have to be. OK, it’s probably not the BMW you ideally wanted back in your college years but today, it may well be the one you actually need. Certainly if compromises have to be made to suit changes in your life, then this car represents a remarkably pleasant way of making them, creating an MPV you could want from the kind of one you might merely need. There’s something to be said for that. Life happens – but there’s no reason why you can’t better enjoy the journey.”


Car Buyer says

“The BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer is for big families who think its rivals from Ford, Citroen and Volkswagen are too mainstream”

“To some extent, you get what you pay for, though. Fit and finish is excellent and the interior is beautifully trimmed and constructed. The Gran Tourer looks the part, too. It’s too tall and bulky to be elegant, but its prominent BMW hallmarks give it plenty of visual appeal.”

“All in all, the 2 Series Gran Tourer is a solid and capable car for anyone who thinks the likes of the Volkswagen Touran, Ford C-MAX and Citroen Grand Picasso are a little too mainstream.”


Lease a BMW 2 Series

Road Tax, and Manufacturer’s warranty is included in all our personal lease and business lease deals.

If you have questions do please get in touch, or if you are ready to apply please complete our online application form.




2 Series

Body Type



Gran Tourer

















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