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Fuel Prices

Owning and running a car is an expensive business, especially if you are a new driver. First, there is the actual cost of the car, then you need to factor in the cost of insurance, annual service, MOT and of course the cost of fuel. According to the RAC, although people are not really aware of it, the real cost of motoring has in fact dropped significantly over the last 20 years. Try telling that to the average person filling their car up at the pump though, because the most visible day to day cost of owning a car, the price of fuel, has in fact doubled over that period. Whilst you might not be able to save a huge amount of money shopping around for the best fuel prices, small amounts soon add up and over the course of the year, especially for those drivers who clock up many miles, the savings could be significant.

Shop around

We shop around for so many other things in life; car insurance, gas and electricity prices and the best mobile phone deals, so it seems silly not to add fuel costs to the list of things we look for the best price on. At CVS Ltd we already have the best bad credit car leasing deals for you to save you time on finding the right car lease, however, unlike most other things shopping around for the best fuel price is not that easy, it requires a bit of advance organisation. Many people leave filling up their car until the fuel gauge is showing the tank is almost empty, or even until they are running on fumes as they drive to the petrol station. Once you are in this position, the only option available to you is to fill up at the first garage you come to regardless of the price.find the best fuel prices

So, if you want to make sure that you find the best fuel prices, it is worth doing your research before you leave home. If you have ever wondered how you could compare fuel prices in your area to find the best prices then ponder no more, it is even easier than you might think. Thanks to the huge impact that the internet has on our lives there are now several sites that allow you to compare local petrol stations to find the cheapest one in your area. All you must do is register on the site, input your postcode and you will be able to see a list of local petrol stations and prices for different types of fuel. It really is that easy.

Prices can change, so keep updated with the best fuel prices

Remember thought that fuel prices change often and the same petrol station may not always be the cheapest so it is a good idea to check every few weeks if you want to keep making savings on your fuel. Alternatively, many sites offer you the option to sign up to email alerts so they can let you know when prices in your area change.

Of course, all of this is all very well when you are close to home, but what about if you are on the road and need fuel? Well there are also plenty of fuel pricing apps you can download to your phone, so you will always be able to find the cheapest fuel, no matter where you are in the country.


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