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Car Insurance – How to get the best deals

Car Insurance DealsWith reports that car insurance is about to sour, with young drivers bearing the brunt, what can you do to help get the best deals on your car insurance.

Car insurance is one of those essential costs of driving – something we all need but that can cost rather a lot. If you are looking to get a new car, but have a poor credit score then take a look at bad credit car leasing explained, with the money you save each month on your repayments could go towards your new insurance! Here are a few things that you can do to ensure that you get the best deals. With insurance prices at the highest they have been for the last four and a half years can you afford not to look for the best deals?

Don’t just renew

When it comes to annual renewal time it’s all too easy just to look at the renewal notice, grumble about how much your premium has gone up by and then do nothing. If this is you – stop. If your premium has gone up, and even if it hasn’t, it is worth looking around and comparing prices from all the different insurance companies. With so many price comparison sites available on the internet, there really is no excuse. It takes just a few minutes to type in your details and then you get a whole list of insurance companies and insurance costs to choose from. Remember some of the big insurance companies, like Aviva and Direct Line, do not feature on comparison sites so you will need to compare these separately.

Don’t forget to let your current insurer know why you are leaving – they may be able to offer you a much better premium over the phone.Car Insurance best deals

Be alarmed!

Having an approved alarm, tracking device of even an immobiliser fitted on your car can often get you a discount on your premiums, around 5%. As many new cars come with these items fitted it is worth checking and mentioning them when sorting your insurance

Protect your no-claims bonus, and get

This is one of the best things you can do to cut the cost of your car insurance. Admittedly it will add a few pounds to your premium, however this small amount is really nothing when compared to the savings made by having a healthy no-claims bonus on a policy with a substantial premium. The definition of a protected no-claims bonus can vary considerably from one insurer to the next so make sure you check your policy carefully.

Use your garage

Car Insurance best dealsIf your garage is full of junk, then have a good clear out. Putting your car in your garage overnight can drastically cut your insurance premium, as cars that are not on the road overnight are at less risk of theft. It’s a simple change but one worth doing if you can.

Sign up for a black box

Officially called telematics, black box policies, are very beneficial for all drivers but especially younger drivers. These black boxes check your speed, measure how aggressive you are when you brake or accelerate and how cautious a driver you are. They even monitor the times you are on the road, whether you are driving during the times that are considered more dangerous or not. Having one of these fitted in your car can make a real difference to your premiums, so they are especially popular with those drivers who attract high premiums, like newly qualified younger drivers.

The good news doesn’t end there either – some insurers even offer customers a discount up-front for taking out a telematics policy.

All in all, it’s well worth checking out your options when renewing your car insurance – after all, you could spend the savings you make on a great day out in your newly insured vehicle!

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