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NHS Bad Credit Car Lease Deals

Have bad credit history, or been refused credit and need a car?

WE HAVE TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED OUR NHS DEALS.    We hope to be able to offer them again in the near future.

Business or personal car leasing is very difficult in the mainstream market as you pose a significant financial risk. Getting a leasing agreement can be challenging with less than perfect credit.

However, at Compass Vehicle Services we have specialised in personal contract hire to NHS customers with a bad credit rating. We understand that a poor credit rating is not a true reflection of someone’s financial circumstances, and their ability to afford the monthly payments.  That is why we do not use your credit score to make a finance decision.

If you work for the NHS and you would like to benefit from a great car lease deal we are here to help.

You get to choose from all makes and models of car or commercial vehicle and we will arrange a lease package to suit your needs.

NHS employees can choose the length of the lease, and the annual mileage which best suits their requirements.

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NHS Car Lease Deal

What is the NHS car lease deal?

For all our NHS staff we are dispensing with the need for the initial payment for our personal leases.

It is usual in any car lease deal to pay the equivalent of 3 to 9 repayments up front (initial payment). For example, if your repayments are £250 per month and your deal says you have to pay 3 repayments as the initial payment that would be £750.

We spoke to our NHS customers and they told us that finding this large initial payment was difficult, which is why we put together this deal for our NHS customers.

For this special offer simply pay 1 month’s repayment in advance.

You therefore pay the same fixed amount every month for the length of your car lease contract.

bad credit is not a barrier to personal contract hire (PCH), car leasing.

How Do I Qualify for NHS Car Leasing Deals?


We ask you to demonstrate that you can afford the monthly lease repayments by providing us with your last 3 month’s bank statements; clearly showing your income and outgoings.


We will also ask you to provide us with a copy of your driver’s licence and an up to date utility bill both showing your current address.

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How Do I Apply for the NHS Car Lease Deal?

Please quote “NHS” in your enquiry or on your application form.

All deals are subject to the underwriters agreement.

What happens once I have been accepted for NHS car leasing?

Once you have been accepted for any of our car leasing deals it is a simple matter of you paying your agreed first payment and us sourcing your desired car.

The time from acceptance to the delivery of your car is totally down to you: how fast you are able to decide on a car, make your payment and take delivery.  If all goes smoothly it can be just a matter of days!

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