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New Ora Funky Cat First Edition+ Increased Range

Ora Funky Cat First Edition+

source: ORA

Published 6 October 2023

In the world of electric vehicles (EVs),GWM Ora has been making waves with its innovative designs and commitment to sustainability. 

Ora has announced a new version of its Funky Cat electric car for the UK market, the First Edition+. This limited-run model features a larger battery and extra equipment, but comes at a higher price.


Extended Range for a Greener Future

One of the standout features of the New Ora Funky Cat First Edition+ is its significantly upsized range. The First Edition+ gets a 63kWh battery, compared to the 48kWh unit in the standard Funky Cat. This gives it a claimed WLTP range of 260 miles, up from 193 miles.

Ora has addressed one of the main concerns for potential EV buyers – range anxiety. With a larger battery and improved energy efficiency, this new model offers an extended range that rivals many other EVs on the market today.


Advanced Features for a Modern Driving Experience

Assisted Parking - Ora Funky Cat First Edition+

The First Edition+ also comes with a number of additional features, including heated, cooled and massaging front seats, a heated steering wheel and a panoramic sunroof. It also boasts a range of advanced features to enhance the driving experience. These include:

  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS): The First Edition+ comes equipped with an array of ADAS features, such as adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assistance, and automatic emergency braking. These technologies not only improve safety but also make driving more convenient and enjoyable.
  • Infotainment and Connectivity: Ora has incorporated a state-of-the-art infotainment system with a user-friendly interface and seamless smartphone integration. Drivers can stay connected, access navigation, and control various vehicle functions with ease.
  • Stylish Design: The Funky Cat First Edition+ retains Ora’s signature funky and eye-catching design, ensuring that you’ll turn heads wherever you go. Its aerodynamic and modern aesthetics contribute to both form and function.



The First Edition+ starts from £33,795, up from £31,995 for the standard Funky Cat.

Just 50 examples of the First Edition+ will be available in the UK, so if you’re interested, you’ll need to move quickly.

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