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Guide To Driving In Fog

Driving in Fog

We have compiled a safety checklist on what you should be doing when driving in fog.

Driving in fog with automatic headlights

Many of us are driving in cars which have automatic headlights, I’m not sure about you but I rely on them working.  However its important to understand that if its foggy but perhaps bright enough the sensors will not pick up on the visibility and they may not come on.

It is worth putting your lights on manually when it is foggy so you can be sure that other drivers can in fact see you.  Look out for other cars which have not perhaps switched to manual, they will almost appear from nowhere.


Driving in fog with fog lights

Common sense is the key here, if you are in thick fog then use your fog lights, but remember to turn them off when the driving conditions are clear.  It is worth using your fog lights in the fog, you have them so use them, and also if you are unfortunate to have an accident, I am sure that the insurance company will ask about the driving conditions and what you had done to prevent it.

Being visible to others is key!

driving in fog
Driver from ‘Stupid Street’

Driving in the fog check list:

  • Don’t rely on your automatic headlights
  • Use dipped headlights and if the fog is very thick switch on your fog lights
  • Have your wipers on and keep your windscreen demisters going
  • Look out for drivers that live on ‘stupid street’ they will think they do not need any type of lights and will be impossible to spot until the last minute
  • Reduce your speed, and allow extra time for your journey
  • Don’t feel pressured by idiot drivers that drive to close to you, drive as fast as the conditions will allow
  • Give extra space when following other cars
  • If you get to a junction and you are unable to see clearly to pull out, open your window and listen as well as looking carefully.
  • Watch out for pedestrians, Although as drivers we understand the importance of being seen in the fog, pedestrians do not always think it is.


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