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Compass Vehicle Services have been leasing cars to the people of Cardiff since 1999, offering vehicle leases to people with bad credit.

We supply nearly new cars and vans to meet your specification and budget.

So if you are looking to lease a vehicle in Cardiff and have bad credit we can help.  You can choose any make or model of vehicle to meet your needs.

Compass Vehicle Services will create the best car lease deal for you; check out a selection of the vehicles we offer.  We look forward to talking with you soon and leasing a car to you in Cardiff.

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We Can Supply Any Car or Van You Want Anywhere in the UK – the vehicles listed on our website are for illustrative purposes only.

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And All Bad Credit

Why Choose Compass Vehicle Services to Lease a Car in Cardiff

Wide Range of Lease Vehicles

Our website lists a range of vehicles for illustrative purposes only.  You can choose any make and model of vehicle that suits your leasing requirements.   We regularly have deals and special offers.

Delivery or Collection

We offer a nationwide delivery service or you can collect your lease car from our Haywards Heath office.

Car Leasing with Bad Credit

We accept applications from those who have not yet built up a credit history and those who have a bad credit record.   We do our own underwriting (We are not a credit broker).

5 Star Customer Service

We have a customer service which is second to none.  We treat every leasing application as an individual case which is why we are able to help more people get behind the wheel of their new car – no matter what their credit history says!

High Annual Mileage

Our standard car leasing deals include 12000 annual mileage as standard.  If you need more we can arrange that.

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

So if you are looking to lease a vehicle in Cardiff and have bad credit or no credit we can help.

Used Car Leasing Cardiff

We keep a small selection of used lease cars in stock and available for immediate lease.

Bad Credit Car Leasing. Got Bad Credit? Decision not based on credit score.

How to Apply for a Cardiff Car Lease

At CVS Ltd we carry out all our own underwriting. We can make a quick decision – usually within 2 working days.

We tailor-make all bad credit car leasing specifically to your budget and specific requirements.

Get in touch by either filling out the quick contact form, or call 01342 837110 to start discussing your leasing options.

There are many reasons why people find themselves with a bad credit or poor credit score, but unlike mainstream leasing companies, CVS Ltd looks at your affordability and traceability.

Bad Credit Car Lease - Any Make or Model of Vehicle Available

Can I Lease Any Car?

The simple answer is yes.  You can choose the vehicle that best suits your business or personal leasing needs.

All you need to do is show us that you can afford the monthly payments by way of 3 months worth of current bank statements when you first apply.

We will discuss with you what sort of budget you have, we can then look at the sort of car or van you would like to lease within that budget.  We have Range Rovers to Fiat 500’s leased out currently and offer great deals on all cars and all models.

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About Cardiff

  • Cardiff was made a city in 1905 and was officially recognised as the capital of Wales in 1955.
  • The origins of its name are widely believed to have come from an English corruption of the original Welsh title Caer-Taff (Fort on the Taff).
  • In 1801 Cardiff’s population was only 1,870, but the town developed rapidly and continuously over the next 100 years as an exporter of coal from South Wales, so that its population had reached 164,000 by 1901.
  • Llandaff Cathedral stands on one of the oldest Christian sites in Britain and was built by the Normans in 1077, although there has been a small church there since 560AD.
  • Westgate Street in the centre of the city used to be a river. This was the town quay, where ships would dock and unload goods for the town. What’s more, all of Mill Lane used to be a canal too!
  • Singers Shirley Bassey and Charlotte Church,  comedian Griff Rhys-Jones,  footballer Ryan Giggs, and famous children’s writer Roald Dahl were all born in Cardiff.
  • Cardiff is widely regarded as being the city with the most castles in the world. The most famous amongst these is Cardiff Castle, which has stood for nearly 2,000 years at the heart of the city. 
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