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CVS Ltd offer business leasing to companies who either have no credit history (New Businesses) or have a low credit score due to financial problems from the past.  Either situation could mean that when applying for a business vehicle lease via mainstream leasing companies, you could be declined. Find out more about our leasing process here.

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CVS Ltd can offer business leasing from a car to an entire fleet

Business leasing with bad credit or business contract hire with bad credit (they both essentially mean the same thing) is when a business hires a car or a van from a finance company (in this case CVS Ltd) for an agreed period, for a contracted monthly rate.

With any contract hire /leasing the finance company owns the vehicle throughout the contract and at the end of that agreed contract the vehicle is returned.

We also offer personal car leasing looking at each leasing application on an individual basis, find out more.

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The Benefits of Business Contract Hire

  • Business Contract Hire Fixed monthly payments improve cash flow, and ease budgeting burdens.
  • With contract hire, all of the financial risks are met by the vehicle leasing company, leaving you secure in the knowledge that you need only make a fixed payment each month.
  • Vehicles that are leased under business contract hire, are owned by the finance company, and do not appear on your Balance Sheet as a capital asset. This improves your company’s borrowing ratio.
  • Administration of the fleet is kept to a minimum, under contract hire, as the finance company are responsible for sourcing, buying, servicing and disposing of the contracted vehicles.
  • There are no limitations on you branding your vehicle for your business.
  • We can get you into the business vehicle you want

Further benefits include

Having a new or nearly new vehicle for your business is essential, your company vehicle says everything about your business.  First impressions really do count, need I remind you of ‘trotters independent traders ‘?

It is not just about the looks though, to have a reliable vehicle to keep appointments, and deliver products on time to your customers keeps your business running.

There really is no room to compromise on a business vehicle, and there is no better way of getting the latest business vehicle that perhaps you could not afford to purchase outright – business leasing really is the way forward.

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