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Young Drivers Car Leasing

The growing importance of cars as a means of transportation has resulted in a greater proportion of adults especially in developed nations seeing cars as a necessity. This is the reason why many big cities have taken measures to provide city dwellers with a convenient means of transportation by offering bus services within the city. The Transport for London bus services that operate 24 hours is an example of such transportation services for urban dwellers.

Though the authorities of these cities have taken measures to ensure that all dwellers get access to transportation, there is still need for individuals to get their personal means of transportation to enable them to meet up with their commitments on time. For this reason and others, many individuals have the desire to have their own cars. While some of them have the money to buy a car, others turn to leasing.

Leasing a car

young drivers car leasingLeasing enables individuals to hire a car from a dealer while paying in monthly instalments. Leasing mostly involves hiring a car for more than one year and most common leasing goes for about three years. Considering the fact leasing involves monthly payments, most dealers have guidelines to ensure that the individual leasing the car will be able to make these monthly payments. To do this, most dealers focus on credit checks to determine whether they should lease a car to an individual or not. The use of credit checks has seen many individuals considered unqualified for car leasing. This includes young drivers who mostly have a bad credit score which does not result from a bad credit history; but because they are too young and so is their bank account or financial transactions. This makes their credit history too brief for car dealers to assess. As a result of this, most young drivers and student drivers face difficulties to lease a car. Fortunately, for these young drivers, CVS Ltd has dedicated its service to them.


Why All Young Drivers Should Lease A Car From CVS Ltd

best student cars

We are a leasing company that suits young drivers seeking to enjoy the luxurious benefit of car leasing. We are aware of the challenges young drivers face in getting a successful car lease, and we have put in place the proper guidelines to assure that they can lease a car and meet up with their daily activities just as other older drivers with good credit history can do.


young drivers car leasingCVS Ltd provides flexible leasing that allows your parent or another individual to lease the car on your behalf. Better still, you can apply for leasing using a joint application with someone else, and you will be the one to drive the car. CVS Ltd’s application process is simple and straight forward, you will need to fill out an application (one each if it is a joint application), and send a copy of your driver’s licence.  Other supporting documents required are 3 months’ worth of current bank statements.

We require a driver’s license and a copy of the driver’s insurance documents before the car is picked up.


This is our effort to make sure young drivers and students are not limited from the benefits of personal car leasing. We make leasing even more convenient for young drivers and students by providing student-friendly affordable cars such as Fiat 500 or the Corsa.

best student cars

Fiat 500


No other company is so focused on making sure young drivers, and students can lease a car than CVS Ltd. We are simply the car leasing company for those with bad credit history.

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