Personal Car Leasing – from the man (young lady) on the street

Find out how leasing a car cold be your best option.

As a member of staff at CVS Limited of course I am going to tell you all about how fantastic it is to lease a car – and it is!  Just in case you think I am being bias meet Siobhan a young driver who has been personal car leasing for a couple of years………

Siobhan is in her 20’s and needed a new car, but like many could not afford to buy a car that she felt would be reliable – her budget only allowing her to purchase a car over 5 years old.  She took a look around at her options and realised that leasing would be the ideal route for her.

 CVS Ltd

Hi Siobhan thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for us.


Yep no worries, fire away.


So why did you decide to go down the leasing route?


I managed to save a small amount of money to buy a car, but when I started to look around I could only afford older cars.  The main reason for me wanting to get a new car was the one I already owned was old and had become unreliable.  I had started driving more with my new job and I became concerned that I would end up stranded some where.  The bills for my previous car were beginning to mount due to silly things starting to go wrong, and I just thought one day ‘hang on I’m starting to spend a lot of money out on an old car that actually is not worth very much’.  It was at this point I started to look around.

I think the deciding factor for me was that a brand new car would give me peace of mind no more worrying about unreliability, along with being economical with low running costs.  So as mentioned purchasing one outright was not an option, finance although I would own the car at the end of the agreement, and having just sold a car – I did not want the hassle of selling a car and of course the depreciation costs which can be quite frightening!

So for me the leasing option was ideal, my leased car is brand new and so I do not have to worry about MOT’s for the first couple of years, the leasing company covers the Road Tax, the car comes with the manufacturers warranty and I know exactly what the car will cost me each month.


So how easy was it to find a car and to deal with the leasing company?


Hmmmmm there are a lot of companies out there and it is easy to feel a bit bombarded, fortunately I knew what car I wanted and I had been able to save a bit of money and sell my existing car so had a good amount for an initial payment.  I am fortunate to have a good credit score so could approach main stream companies, I have a lot of friends that have been turned down by mainstream and that’s why companies such as CVS Ltd are so good, looking at affordability and tractability rather than a credit score.


So what are your car plans for the future?


Well I intend to give the keys back in 3 years and take another leasing agreement with another new car.  To be honest I don’t know why I have not leased before, its so simple!


If you are looking to lease a car but you have a poor, bad or have no credit history contact CVS today and like Siobhan you could be driving a new car in no time.!


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