Why lease a car from CVS Ltd

Why CVS Ltd

I started work for CVS Ltd in May 2016 and to be honest I knew very little about car leasing.  There are some fundamental points why CVS Ltd are apart from all the other leasing companies, which I think you will find interesting, and help you realise that there really is no better place to contract hire (Lease) a car.

No credit checks

why cvs ltdCVS Ltd specialise in bad credit car leasing, so there is no point in checking your credit score when you apply for a bad credit car lease.  This is why CVS Ltd check on 2 factors, 1) you can afford to make the monthly payments and 2) you are traceable at your address.

In my time at CVS Ltd I have spoken to a lot of customers who all share the same frustrations – they all have had in some way or another, financial problems in the past.  Whether it is from making bad financial decisions, or have suffered as a result of an ex partner (personal and business).  All of whom are trying to get back on track yet being declined by other mainstream finance companies.  The real frustration is that many customers are now in a totally different situation, yet their credit score speaks louder than they do – Not At CVS Ltd!

Each application for a bad credit car lease is treated as an individual case, talking to the customer and really getting to know their current circumstances.  That is why CVS Ltd are able to help many customers get behind the wheel of their vehicle who previously were declined by other companies.

We buy your car, that is why CVS Ltd are the better leasing company

There are many websites out there promising great bad credit car leasing deals, but be aware that many are either leasing cars or offering finance for you to lease a car.  At CVS Ltd we do both, we carry out all our own underwriting – What that means is, we use our money to buy you your car, then we lease to you.  There are no third parties involved.

Car of your choice

Unlike most leasing companies, CVS Ltd do not hold stock of cars. If you find a car and are declined by the finance company do not despair, CVS Ltd can buy that car and then lease it to you.  If you know the car you want tell us and we can source it, the great thing about this is-

a, you get the car you want

b, you do not have to worry about the car depreciating in value, as you just hand it back at the end of the lease.

Beware of deals too good to be true!

As my old Mum says ‘if its too good to be true then it probably is’.  There are many bad credit car leasing deals out there which on the face of it are amazingly cheap.  However once you start looking into these deals further you can find a couple of major flaws-

The deal is not actually for someone with bad credit and you need to make contact for a separate price

The car is 5 years or more with a high mileage

At CVS Ltd our cars are either new or nearly new (no more than 18 months), remember the end choice of car is yours!  We only give example cars and prices to give customers an idea of what they can afford in their budget.  I believe this is why we have 100% recommendations from our customers because we, like you, are realistic.why cvs ltd

Why CVS Ltd? why not!

At CVS Ltd there are no automated messages, you will always get to speak to one of the CVS Ltd team.  We offer a very personal service and we are with you every step of your leasing agreement, if you have any questions at anytime we are here to help you.

 I am going to finish on a testimonial sent in from one of our customers:

A change in circumstance a couple of years ago has led to us in to some financial difficultly although we are on our way back to be on track.

Still when other companies have dismissed us, ‘for a bad credit rating’ from leasing a car, when we needed that security to have transport to get to work and have a general feeling of worth your company have given us hope.

From start to finish in the process everyone has been very professional together with a real understanding of people in difficult circumstances.

Once we are out of this difficulty we will still look to lease a car from yourselves because of the way you have helped now.

Get in touch with us today and find out your leasing options!

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