Which cars do we love the most in the UK

Valentine’s day is here and whilst we look forward to romantic meals this evening, and many men panic buying at petrol stations on their way home from work, which cars do we love the most in the UK.

According to SMMT data so far for this year we are up 2.3% on car sales from the same month in 2016 the number of new car registrations in January 2017 174,564.  This is a great start to the year for the motor industry, who have seen growth over the past 5 years consistently.

There has been a fuel change of preference from consumers also with diesel cars seeing a drop against the same period last year, down 4.3%.  Petrol cars have increased by 8.9%, with a big rise in alternatively fuelled cars going up 19.9% compared to the previous year.

If you are not in a position to be able to purchase a car, and if you find yourself with a poor credit rating, consider bad credit car leasing.  If you lease a car from CVS Ltd the bad credit car leasing company, we will purchase the car you want and then lease that car to you. 

Let’s take a look at which cars we do love the most in the UK

The Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta non status car leaseThe Ford fiesta is a well-recognised car model on our roads, and this particular generation has been around since 2008 and is our most loved car so far this year.  It has a five-star safety rating, it is fun to drive and it has low running costs.  The most economical version has free road tax due to its very low emissions. Registered in January 2017 8,495. Take a look at fiesta bad credit car leasing.

Next up we have the VW Golf

There is no escaping the scandals of Volkswagen in recent months, but despite this it is as popular at it has ever been.  Showing that we do not hold a grudge and stillVW Golf Review love it, it makes number 2 in registered cars.  At CVS Ltd we lease out the hatchback more than the available estate or convertible. The Golf is a great looking car no matter where you are going.  CVS Ltd offer VW Golf bad credit car leasing at a great price. VW Golfs registered in January 2017 5,455.

Another Ford model making it into the top 3 is the Ford Focus.

Ford Focus poor credit rating car leaseThe Ford Focus is a very popular family car with a good range of trims available to make sure you get exactly what you require and our second most loved car from Ford.  We have some excellent deals on the Ford Focus for bad credit car leasing so that we can meet the demand from our customers.  4,796 Focus’s were registered in January 2017.  The latest models have been updated inside and offer good infotainment for this range of car.

Mercedes C Class Saloon

The Mercedes C Class is the most requested car when people first make an enquiry at CVS Ltd, and of course we have deals for you no matter what your credit Mercedes C Class bad credit car leasingscore.  Take a look at Mercedes C Class bad credit car leasing and check out the other executive cars we offer.  I wonder if there will be a change of mind set with the C Class as we see more on the roads.  Will it lose that high end special label as it becomes more popular, or is it really just about the driving factor? Will we still love the car when it becomes common? 4,230 were registered in January 2017.

I would have my concerns if the Vauxhall Astra was not in the top 5

vauxhall astra bad credit car leaseIn the UK we love Vauxhall and the Astra has always been a firm favourite, practical, good value and nice to drive.   The 1.0 Litre trim is low on emissions so free tax, and if its free tax you are after then Vauxhall Astra bad credit car leasing will appeal, CVS Ltd pays road tax on all its leased cars! In January 2017 4,065 were registered.

If Crossovers float ya boat, but you do not want too much bulk, check out the Nissan Juke coming in at number 6.

Nissan have done very well with the Juke, it’s a very nice design and a great all-rounder whats not to love?  It’s a good price for what you get, clever Nissan have all bases covered though, as if you want a bigger bulkier cross over then they can also offer you the Qasqai.  CVS Ltd offer great nissan juke bad credit car leasingdeals on both take a look at Nissan Juke or Nissan Qash Qai for more details and pricing.  The Jukes registered in January 2017 3,929.

I must say I am somewhat surprised that the Vauxhall Corsa is not higher than number 7.

CorsaThe Corsa is one of our most leased out cars our customers love them, it is a great option for those on a smaller budget and want lower monthly repayments and running costs. Vauxhall Corsa bad credit car leasing deals in the main come in cheaper per month than most car finance loans for subprime customers. 3,898 were registered in January 2017

Coming in at number 8 is the Jukes big brother the Nissan Qas qai

If you love the Juke then you are really going to love the Qash qai saw 3,500 registrations in January 2017 showing that there school run ideal carsare a fair few that like their crossovers a bit more chunkier.  Running costs are not far off a conventional hatchback, with good infotainment.  The Qash qai has been with us now since 2007 and is in its second generation.

Audi creep in at number 9 with the A3

AThe Audi A3 will not be beaten on interior in the family hatchback class.  Many of us love Audi’s design it is smart, stylish and of course has the Audi badge to back it up. 3,118 Audi A3’s were registered in January 2017.  If you are interested in getting a bad credit car lease for this model contact us.

Finally in tenth place….

The Kia Sportage, it is the alternative to the Nissan Qash qai.  It is one of the more spacious of the crossovers, but its real appeal and possibly the tip to buying over the Qash qai is its whooping 7 year warranty. With Kia showing faith in their cars, Kia-sportagewhats not to love and I can see this one climbing in the future months.  3,063 Kia Sportages were registered in January 2017.

So there you have it the cars we love the most so far this year.

It will be interesting to see if anything changes in the coming months, we will of course keep you updated!




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