What really sells cars?

What really sells cars?

Purchasing a car can be as simple or as difficult as you want it to be. Many people are not overly particular about what they want from a car whereas others make their selection based on the finer details such as the fuel economy and the re-sale value.

Decisions are driven by many factors and so, what really sells cars? Is it the car itself and the specification or is it purely the advertising campaign run by the manufacturer? There are many aspects behind the reasons why people choose a car and there have been many different studies carried out to find out why.

However, there is no doubt that the British public love their cars and as sales of cars start to increase again, there is a reason why the number of new vehicles on the road is on the rise.

So what does sell cars?


Technology forms a huge part of the car industry as each manufacturer introduces the latest high tech to further increase the specification of their cars.  Many decisions are made around the technology that is fitted on a new car and this could include, parking assistance, lane departure systems and satellite navigation.What really sells cars

It is now that important to buyers that it has become one of the most cited reasons as to why people purchase their chosen vehicle.

Technology we should be looking out for in the future could include-

  • Finger print access to your car, which will also be required to start the car.
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Head-Up Display (HUD) with clearer graphics, producing high definition images on our windscreens.
  • Drivers and cars synced, yes one day your car will be able to tell if you are about to faint or have a heart attack, and will alert the emergency services.
  • Fully functioning internet in cars, which in turn will see a huge surge in social media marketing during our journeys.
  • Override systems, we already have cars that will brake for you should you not be concentrating, soon our cars will override our actions if they are not deemed correct.


What really sells cars

Buyers are extremely conscious about the image their vehicle portrays.

This can be linked to the marketing campaigns and age groups that adverts are aimed at and so, if they believe that a car will improve their appearance on the road then that is a huge advantage.

No one likes a show off, however some drivers like to be in expensive cars to show success and wealth, others like to drive sports cars, and some like to drive classic cars.  

First impressions do count, that why it is always important to make sure that the vehicles that represent your company are in good condition, high specification, and clean inside and out – this can be interpreted as successful, organised and reliable.  If you are a business but have a bad, poor credit score or no credit history its worth checking out business leasing bad credit score.


The importance of safety cannot and should not be underestimated when purchasing a car and it is one of the main reasons why cars sell.What really sells cars

The NCAP ratings are a big deal when advertising a vehicle because whether it is a family vehicle or a two seater sports vehicle, everyone wants to know that they are protected on the roads.

  • Cars in the future will start communicating with each other knowing that they are getting to close to each other and acting accordingly.  
  • Cars smart enough to override the driver to avoid accidents.


What really sells cars

The way in which a car performs is certainly high on the list of priorities for buyers. This does not have to be about the speed or acceleration of a car but it can include reliability, durability and how economical it is.

Many people are looking to reduce their outgoings and if they can own a car that does 70+ mpg then they are certainly going to take it seriously.

Many manufacturers play on the fact that their cars are reliable and many offer long warranties, such as Hyundai who offer 5 years against other manufacturers 3 years. People are encouraged by longer warranty periods as this provides them with peace of mind and shows that the manufacturers have faith in their cars.

Comfort and Styling

The comfort of a car is one of the most popular reasons as to why people purchase.What really sells cars

Many car owners spend hours behind the wheel and so, comfort is important.  It has recently been reported that each one of us spends on average 30 hours a year sitting in traffic. 

Heated seats, variable seating positions, ample leg room and a comfortable driving position can help to make cars more appealing to many people, especially certain groups of car buyers that spend more of their time on the road.


What really sells carsCar advertising is big business. Television, radio, magazine and online adverts all serve as a springboard for potential buyers to consider purchasing a certain car.

Manufacturers spend millions on adverts that are funny, interesting, sexy and show exactly what their car has to offer and why people should consider purchasing it.

Probing into the psychology of car buying brings up some interesting facts. There is no doubt that to many buyers, a car is not just a lump of metal.

The car is an extension of their lives and personality and that is why it is not just a simple case of advertising being the main reason why cars sell.

So depending on your point of view their are many factors that go into selling cars, and as we become more fussier and demanding thus the manufacturers will spend more money on their marketing, out doing each other on clever marketing campaigns.

So what do you look for in a car, and what do you think really sells cars?

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