Vauxhall Viva Review 2018

The New Vauxhall Viva City Car

Here in the UK we like to stay true to Vauxhall, as a patriotic lot many of us do think about Vauxhall for a vehicle because they are still being built here in the UK…. however Vauxhall remain competitive in the car industry making sure they have strong contenders within in each category of vehicle whether it be family car, crossover or executive…
so no surprise that the new Viva will give other cars in its class a run of their money.
The new Viva is smaller that its 1960 namesake, and falls into the city car class. This is already a very competitive market so lets take a look at why Vauxhall think they are on to a winner…..

The Viva City car

The new Viva is not going to really turn any heads, and when placed with its rivals other models do look better in design.
The Twingo and Aygo winning on looks, however what it lacks in visual appeal it makes up for in space.
The Viva’s dimensions are quite a bit bigger than its rivals, this means that it has been truly created as a 5 seater.

Inside the Vauxhall Viva

There is only one engine to chose from which is the 1.0 litre three-cylinder petrol unit. It has good ride quality with a decent performance, which nails the main areas you need from a city car. Of course the other key element is on emissions 103g/km CO2 emissions score, with the optional Easytronic automatic coming in lower.

Even at the entry SE trim the interior has been well thought out and follows the Corsa in having a good quality finish making it have the feel of premium.

OK its way off the VW finish but for the price it does not make you feel cheap.

The latest Viva come with Bluetooth for telephone and audio, however second-generation Intellilink multimedia system does come as an optional extra.

The little Viva

The Viva is not about to take the car industry by storm, its not breaking any molds, and not doing anything more than it needs to.
Its a city car, it has five seats, and has a decent boot size and its built in the UK.
Further more despite having a bad credit score you can lease a Vauxhall Viva from as little as £199 + VAT per month… so whats not to love!

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