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Get ya tops off and feel free

Get ya tops off, the sun is on its way!

Image of a fiat 500 convertible from the top

Convertibles for every budget Fiat 500

At some stage over the past week you should of, hopefully seen some sunshine where ever you are located in the UK.  With the clocks springing forward this weekend, we can all look forward to Summer being well and truly on its way.

For some drivers, this will start a nagging feeling and the want for removing their tops, I am of course talking about convertible cars! 

Convertibles come in just about every make of car, so there is a convertible for you no matter what your budget is, from a Fiat 500 to a Bentley.

If you are looking to change your car to a convertible and wish to enjoy the world of leasing where you can simply exchange your car after 3

Image of the Bentley Grand Convertible

At the top end of the convertible scale, a Bentley Grand Convertible

years for a newer one then contact CVS Ltd.  At CVS Ltd we will buy the convertible car you want, and then lease that car back to you! Get in touch to find out more.

Here are the pros and cons to convertibles-


People will look at you with envy

You will look good

Your car looks good

You can choose to have the roof up or down, #choice

No need for air con

Great view all around

You get to feel the wind in your hair, if you have any

If you have hair you will not need a hairdryer

Your kids will be happy to be seen with you

Top up on your tan whilst driving


Your kids will want to be driven about even more that they do normally

Not ideal for toupees See here

Less safe in an accident

Higher rate of theft

Roofs do not last as long as their solid rivals

Higher insurance bracket


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  • Avatar for D Martin
    D Martin| 27th March 2017 at 4:54 pmReply

    Lets hope we get enough summer days, to enjoy our convertibles!

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