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Snow Uk Roads
Well we have all seen the weather forecast, and it looks like we have a cold patch heading our way, snow is predicted across the UK tonight and tomorrow. Many of us will still be heading out in our cars to go about our daily lives, so here are a few safe winter driving tips.
Winter Tyres
Get a grip with Winter tyres

As winter quickly bears down on us, it is time to consider winter tyres, because remaining safe on the roads during the coldest months is important for you and other drivers on the road.

So what are winter tyres? Essentially, they look extremely similar to summer tyres but they are developed to help handle ice and snow. Many believe that winter tyres are for only driving in the snow but this is not true, in fact, they are designed to work in conditions below 7 degrees, which makes the essential when it is wet and icy as they provide enhanced grip and handling.winter tyers

A winter tyre contains more rubber which means that it does not become hard when cold. This gives the tyre m [...]

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