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Delphi Dash
Despite my best efforts to get a budget to fly out and check out the latest tech for cars at the CES 2017 Conference FOR YOU, I am sad to say I failed epically! Therefore, I have been scanning the net to find out what is of interest to us car lovers.
Driverless Car
Driverless cars, they are coming. Driverless cars it sounds like something out of a science fiction film but the reality is may not be far away. The idea that at some point in the not too distant future our roads could be filled with driverless cars is quite a scary concept. But just how close are we to this becoming a reality? Where exactly is the tech associated with driverless cars going and is this necessarily a good, or a bad, thing for motorists on the whole. Driverless cars – a brief history driverless carsThe autonomous car, also referred to as the self-driving car, driverless car or even the robotic car has existed as a concept for a lot longer than people realise. As far back as the 1920s, experiments were taking place o [...]
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