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There are a wide range of car seats on the market and you want peace of mind that you have the right one to keep your baby or child safe.
mobile phones driving and the law 2019
Mobile phone laws in the UK have become stricter and stricter but still motorists are ignoring the law and putting themselves and others at risk.
Ncap Safest Car Of The Year Image

Every year, Euro NCAP produce a list of the cars that have performed the best in their categories. This is done as a “Best of Class” basis, as star ratings between different categories cannot be easily compared, to show which vehicles performed best. This comparison is done within each calendar year. The scores for all areas of assessment are used to make the calculation. However, only standard safety equipment is used in the rating, and optional equipment is excluded.

vehicle safety NCAP

The following cars were rated as the Safest in 2016. The other safety systems that NCAP scored each vehicle for are; Active Bonnet, AEB Pedestrian, AEB C [...]

Cats Eyes
They keep us safe on the UK roads at night, when you drive on a road without them, you miss them!have you ever wondered where cats eyes came from?
Speeding Laws
On 24th April the laws regarding speeding will be changing. Drivers had better take note as the penalties will be much harsher for anyone who is responsible for a serious speeding offence. Magistrates have been issued with new sentencing guidelines and they will be cracking down on anyone caught breaking the law.
Driving In Fog
As parts of the UK are being hit by freezing fog patches we have compiled a safety checklist on what you should be doing when driving in fog.
For decades, the police have been trying to tackle the issue of drink-driving and at this time of year, when the party season is in full swing, the police make a point of increasing their checks and raising awareness.
The party season is upon us once again and we are all looking forward to Christmas and New Year’s Eve. That means lots of eating, drinking and making merry which is great for those lucky people who are not the designated driver.
Box Junction
Box Junctions

Every driver will be aware of box junctions and the confusion and problems that comes with them. They were first introduced in 1967 and were implemented to help ease congestion and traffic problems.box junctions

They are one of the laws of the road that makes driving difficult for people because of the way in which it can put drivers in a position of breaking the law.  The box junctions are located, in many cases, in heavily congested areas, where cars need to nudge out into traffic to be able to get anywhere.

Traffic on the roads is becoming more and more congested, meaning that unless you are able to edge out and take the only available gap, you could find yourself sitting at a junction for many minutes at a [...]

Drivers and cyclists – looking out for each other?

Drivers and Cyclists

In recent years, it seems as though the relationship between drivers and cyclists has been placed under intense scrutiny. Stories have emerged of drivers and cyclists going head –to-head over disagreements while there is footage of some drivers forcing cyclists off the road.

As the UK increases its awareness of the environment, rising costs of fuel, unreliable public transport, more of us are putting on our lycra and choosing to cycle instead of drive.  What can we do to improve the relations between drivers and cyclists?

So, what can drivers do to help [...]

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