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It’s that time of year, you’re breathing a sigh of relief that the kids aren’t under your feet 24/7.  The alarm is set for earlier than normal, and that daily ritual rears its ugly head once again – the school run.At CVS we have shortlisted 5 SUV’s (Sports Utility Vehicles) which we think would be ideal for getting the kids to school on time, and with the minimum of fuss.Nissan Qashqai - Available in several different trim levels, Nissan has refined the current model considerably, and has more equipment and more space, yet manages to be 40kg lighter.  Tech includes park assist, heated windscreen - for those gloomy, dark, wet mornings, blind spot warning, and moving object detection. All of these will make your morning drive more comfortable, both physically and mentally.Great news we are able to give you a great leasing deal on the Qashqai - bad credit car leasing deal.Dacia Duster-The new kid on the block – not as established as the other cars featured, this no [...]
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