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New Van Review  -The 2017 Nissan NV300

Nissan NV300 ReviewIf you are considering a van this year, and you are courting the Vauxhall Vivaro, Fiat Talento, or the Renault Trafic, then you may want to consider one rival in the form of a Nissan NV300. Built in the same factory as all three of the above in France, it may offer the best choice for the savvy driver looking for a business van lease.

What’s on offer with the Nissan NV300?

Nissan claim that they have decided to go with the new design of the NV300, to match the looks of their retail range of SUVs. The car-like design is continued also on the inside, and is very similar to the Trafic. The NV300 is available to buy in the same car tri [...]

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