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Breaking down in your car on a motorway is not only an inconvenience in our busy lives but can also be dangerous.  Recently I was astounded to see 2 cars in the fast lane on the M25 stopped taking each others details after a small bump.  OK not a breakdown but it did get me thinking about the fact that we are not thinking about the immediate danger we are putting ourselves in, if we have a problem with our car for whatever reason.So here are some of our motorway breakdown tips.Firstly if your car is not running correctly the safest thing to do is get off the motorway at the earliest means possible, and not risk trying to make your destination. If you feel that your car will not make nearest exit then pull over to the hard shoulder making sure you keep over to the left as much as possible with your wheels turned into the left. If your car is totally Kaput and you are in a lane, immediately put on your hazzards and call 999 and leave your seat belt on.Once you are stationary.
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