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Land Rover Discovery
If you are considering changing your car in 2017, and are looking at the likes of a BMW X5, Mercedes GLE, Volvo XC90 or the Audi Q7, the new Land Rover Discovery 2017 should undoubtedly be on your list of new arrivals to consider. The new Land Rover Discovery is in its fifth generation and comes with a fresh look and design distinctively different from the previous four.

Today I was driving along a country lane and met a Range Rover, this luxurious beast of the road, contained a family along with a rather large dog.  It effortlessly moved onto the verge to allow me to pass, and as I drove by I had a feeling of jealousy………..I would like to be able to drive up verges and I want a dog!

Lets take a look at the Range Rover and how it has changed over the generations:Range rover generations

The first Range Rover was r [...]

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