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Top 5 hatchbacks leased by CVS Ltd.Over the next few posts I am going to share with you the top 5's from CVS Ltd.Here are the top 5 leased hatchbacks in our company, and of course they will be in reverse order! Number 5: VW Golf It would seem that once you have had a Golf you will tend to return to one, we have found that the majority of the people leasing from us have certainly had a Golf in the past and loved it. With the Golf you are getting the VW badge of quality, and unlike in the 90's it will still be there in the morning!.The Golf is one of our more expensive hatchbacks and given we are in subprime and working on affordability, I am not surprised it ranks 5.  You can check out our competitive leasing deal and read our Director Ben's review on the car here.Despite being around for over 40 years the Golf has kept its understated looks and up market image, much like myself!  The latest gen [...]
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