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Volkswagen Polo Dog Singing
Here are our favourite car adverts, which ones are yours? Since the days when manufacturers decided to combine the internal combustion engine with a couple of comfy seats and a steering wheel, they have come up with ever more inventive ways to persuade us to buy their cars. Mass advertising, through print, TV and now the internet, has done wonders for the car industry worldwide and these ads have ranged from spectacularly clever to puzzling to downright comedic. Let’s take a look at some of them.Honda

Honda makes some of the cleverest car adverts. The Honda ‘Hands’ ad, shown on TV recently, simply shows a pair of hands picking up a metal nut.

This nut transforms in turn into a small Honda 90 motorcycle, a superbike, then it becomes a hatchback car.

The transformation continues in rapid succession through a rally Ci [...]

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