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It’s that time of year, you’re breathing a sigh of relief that the kids aren’t under your feet 24/7.  The alarm is set for earlier than normal, and that daily ritual rears its ugly head once again – the school run.At CVS we have shortlisted 5 SUV’s (Sports Utility Vehicles) which we think would be ideal for getting the kids to school on time, and with the minimum of fuss.Renault Scenic – A proven recipe – the format for this car is tried and tested over many years, and the current model doesn’t scrimp on great ideas.  Equipment can include rear sunblinds – for those sleepy kids that haven’t quite woken up yet, child minder mirrors, extra tinted rear windows, and rear passenger air vent, all features that make the journey less stressful, for both you and your offspring.  Your piece of mind is not forgotten, with rear curtain airbags, keyless entry, and isofix fittings on all 3 rear seats.CVS Ltd are offering great deals on the Scenic, but only if you have a bad credit score - Renault Scenic [...]
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