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charging electric car
Essentially, you have two options when it comes to charging your electric car’s batteries: you can either charge it at home using your own domestic mains electricity supply, or you can make use of public charging points.
Electric Car Charging
The electric car market in the UK is growing fast. There are now over 40 different electric vehicles (EV) available and over 90,000 registered EVs on our roads. And with a growing infrastructure for public charging points, now’s a great time to drive electric.
The UK is the third-biggest owner of electric cars in Europe, with around 90,000 now on British roads.Electric cars produce no exhaust emissions as they use electrical energy stored in rechargeable batteries. Plug-in hybrid electric cars use both electric power and a conventional engine, producing low emissions and maximise fuel economy.
Electriccar Th
The electric car – Where are we now and what does the future hold?

Electric cars have been around for quite a while, but if you have never seen one then that isn’t actually such a surprise - they not cheap to buy and therefore only sell in relatively small numbers. However this is something that could be about to change, as there are many new electric cars coming onto the market all the time, and with reduced charging times, cheaper starting prices and better ranges they could soon be a more commonplace sight on our streets.

History of the Electric Car electric car inventor Robert Davidson Robert Davidson

It is something of a surprise to many people to learn that electric vehicles have in fact been around since the mid-19th century. Even more surprising perhaps is the [...]

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