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Michael Douglas And Diandra Douglas In
D...I...V...O...R...C...E in the words of Dolly Parton, but have you considered also the damage divorce and separation has on your credit score?  I have only been working at CVS Ltd for a few months and had not really given much thought to how someone’s credit score becomes bad, but it has really been an eye opener for me.A large percentage of our enquiries at CVS Ltd come from people who have either recently been divorced, or have separated from their partners.  The situation not only leaves them emotionally drained but with the added pressure of financial debt creating a bad credit score, which in turn means they will find themselves being declined funding to help them rebuild their lives.

Divorce and separation no matter what your finances are, can leave a huge dent in your accounts, check out these settlements, they are enough to make your eyes water!

Michael Douglas divorced Diandra Douglas in 1995 the divorce settlement was £34 million.  

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