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Congested roads in the UK

As the UK becomes the third most congested country in Europe, what can we do to tackle the Uk congestion problem?

Traffic-congestionIn the 2016 Autumn statement the government announced £1.3bn to help relive the congestion problem by providing important upgrades to our roads.  The Department for Transport are investing £23bn to help keep our country moving, the most extensive improvements since the 1970’s.

However, surely there is a fundamental point here which is missing – What are the alternatives to jumping in our cars which is causing congestion on our roads?

Unless you are living within a city, there are no real alternatives to getting to work, especially if you need to get there on time.

The main problems

Roads created when road usage was low.  For example, the M25 was built in 1975 and total completion was finished in 1986 opened by

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