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Investing In Classic Cars

For a long time investing in classic cars has given excellent ROI of about 331.9% however in the past couple of years we have seen this slow right down falling about 14% since 2015.

Cars remain the best investments

Classic cars still remain a better investment compared to other investment items such as coins, wine and jewelry.
Those investing in classic cars have the added problem of storage costs, where as wine and other smaller items are cheaper to store.

You also have to consider maintenance, cars are made to be driven, if they are left too long standing this could cause damage to the engine, then your investment will plummet..

Brexit and classic cars

Whilst many are waiting to see the outcome of Brexit, this means that people who would normally spend their money on investments are holding back.
This has an impact on the classic car investment,

Ford Escort Xr
Like many drivers, I look back on the many cars I have owned since passing my driving test, and realise that sadly a few of them are classic cars becoming extinct. The once very cheaply brought cars then, are racking up in price now. We are of course wise after an event, but if you had put your first car away, how much would it be worth now?
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