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The History of the Fiesta

Happy belated birthday to the Ford Fiesta! This iconic car appeared on the scene in 1976 and recently celebrated its 40th Birthday. Manufactured by the Ford Motor Company, the Fiesta which was originally developed under the project name “Bobcat”, was the first front wheel drive Ford car that was available on a global scale. Left-hand drive versions were accessible to buy in Europe in 1976 but the UK had to wait until 1977 for a right-hand drive version.

Fiesta MK1

1981 Ford Fiesta Ghia metallic brown/silver

Source: Car and Classic

The Fiesta MK1, manufactured from 1976 to 1983, was available in 2 mod [...]

We love everything to do with cars, here are a few of our favourite motoring stories from 2016
Classic Car Passion gets Graham (CVS Ltd Director) fame at last! Graham Harbord Director and one of the founder's of CVS Ltd has a real passion for classic cars, its no surprise really considering he has been working in the motor trade all his life.  However this week, on the hottest day so far this year he found himself in front of the Practical Classics Magazines photographer Matt Howell.The article about Graham and his cars will be published soon and once it is we will link it here, but whilst we wait in anticipation for his interview and the photography to be printed by the magazine.... here is a sneak preview of what the fuss is all about!

Will he ever make a cup of tea for us again? Diva alert!!!

Graham with his Riley being photographed by Matt Howell, clearly very comfortable about being in front of the camera!

And here are a couple more photos from 'The Shoot'.....

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